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January 19, 2019

Kei Nishikori

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


7-6, 6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. In the first set it seemed like it could have been another long battle. The match turned around. How did it look from your perspective? How do you see your game evolving through the first three rounds?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, first set could go both ways. He was playing well. He was serving well. Playing aggressive, using his forehand. Maybe I hit too much to his forehand. He was using too much forehand. I think I let him do that too much first set maybe. That's his best weapon.

But second and third, I think I relax little more, start hitting more good shots, heavy, serving well. Yeah, it obviously help for my body winning three sets. Had a tough first and second round. Also for me was play good tennis, very happy to go next round.

Q. You play Carreno Busta next. Talk about what kind of match you would expect against him.
KEI NISHIKORI: I'm sure it's going to be something like today. There is going to be many rallies. He's very solid from baseline. He can move well, good serve. I'm sure it's going to be tough match.

Q. You showed good touch around the net. Is that a tactic you're going to employ for the rest of the tournament?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, I think third set I started coming a little more. I think that was working well. I think won many points at the net. Yeah, obviously I'm not going to make every single tough volley. It's been working well.

Yeah, hope I can do this coming in little more this week.

Q. You've played some late matches after midnight. Is there anything you can do in training to prepare for that? Would you ever think of practicing that late before a tournament?
KEI NISHIKORI: I actually never done before. I like to finish practice early. I never practice at night. I never had preparation. Yeah, I rather finish the match like today, finish early. I have more time to recover.

Yeah, I see some of the matches finish 1 p.m., 2 p.m. Yeah, I was matching Cilic and Verdasco yesterday. I finished watching after second set. I was little bit surprise what happen the match.

Q. Did you go to bed?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, I went bed around 10 p.m.

Q. After such a tough start to the tournament, does it start to wear on you into the second week? Are you able to fully recover?
KEI NISHIKORI: Well, I think today will help. It was still tough, many long rallies. He was playing well, too. It wasn't easy match. I mean, yesterday the second match, too, it was five sets. There was not too many rallies. I didn't waste too much energy. I should be okay.

I try to recover well. I think that's most important going second week. Yeah, hope I can get recover well.

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