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January 25, 2019

Bryson DeChambeau

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Today's 66 included an eagle and seven birdies. Give us your verdict on the day.
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Man, you know, I thought after yesterday getting it around not making a bogey was awesome, but today even more impressive with three bogeys on the card, still shooting 6-under. I was happy about that. Unfortunately, again, just didn't have the right sensations and proprioception over shots. I just felt uncomfortable, unfortunately, on a lot of them, and consequently just am not ball-striking my best. But hey, shoot, I'm not complaining one bit. There's no complaining here for sure, so I'm happy.

Q. You're taking care of the par-5s particularly well. Let's talk about one of the highlight shots, the third hole on a sandy area --

Q. Talk me through that. That was incredible.
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Shoot, I hit two great drives on 1 and 2, and then 3 just pulled it a little bit in the bunker. Got really unlucky up against kind of the face of the bunker where I couldn't really have a stance with a hybrid, so chose the 6-iron, and I pulled it out of the bunker, and it went into the sand -- actually went down quite a ways and had like 75 yards in, and then proceeded to have a firm lie, which was nice. I needed a firm lie in order to hit that shot that far, and it kind of reacted like it was in the fairway and was able to get the yardage right and hit it up there close, and putting was really what saved me today.

Q. The 10th hole, the eagle putt there, you left the pin in. That had a bit of speed on it. Is that evidence of what you've been saying, this pin needs to stay in?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: It's the exact reason. That's the exact reason. There's only a few -- if I would have hit it a little bit farther past the hole, it may have bounced off the flag. If I had a higher terminal velocity, it may have bounced off. But at that point it was still good enough to dampen it enough to drop in the cup.

Q. How much satisfaction is there in being tied for the lead when you've been a long way from your brilliant best and you're in this situation on the weekend?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Yeah, I'm pleased. I'm pleased that I'm playing golf. I'm getting it in the hole and executing the right shots when I need to and making a lot of key putts. That was one of the things I talked about this week was reading the green right, and we've done a pretty darned good job so far. Hopefully we can keep it up.

Q. You've earned yourself a late tee time for tomorrow. Will you have a little extra practice in that time that you've got?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Oh, I'm going right after this. Hopefully the range practice -- even through the clinic I'll be practising this afternoon.

Q. Another round of 66. Yesterday you described your efforts as scrappy all around. How would you describe today's?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Same thing. I didn't feel like I had my "A" game, even though I'm getting it in the hole. That's the name of the game; if you can hit it around -- Shane missed a lot of fairways last week and won. You can definitely do it out here, but I want to have my best game. I want to be comfortable over shots. That's what I'm working towards, but I'm still playing well, and finishing off with two birdies is always nice.

Q. I think the front nine, we've seen you look more comfortable on those nine holes than anybody else on the course, especially your recovery shots. How are you tackling them?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Oh, I don't even know. I think it's just -- No. 2 has been a key hole that I didn't take advantage of today, and No. 1 felt pretty comfortable, and it was funny, I was ball-striking it a lot better on the front nine, and I think that's just the tale of the two rounds is that I was hitting it better on the front nine. Even though I scored better on the back, you can score better on the back, I was still hitting it better on the front, and I think that's the reason why I look comfortable out there.

Q. We saw on the world feed earlier today an incredible statistic. When we were here in 2016, you're 530th in the world, today you come here as No. 5. Is this a result of your meticulous approach to golf or just a lot of hard graft?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Yeah, it's definitely both. I would say it's a lot of trial and error and a lot of failures. People don't realise how hard we work out here and how many times we actually fail before we succeed. I think the proof is in the pudding of just being able to execute even when I don't have my best. The margins for error are a lot smaller than they used to be, and that's why I'm consistently up here near the lead. I think that's what's really been a cool part of the journey, just to see that progress and to see less error over time.

Q. You said the Masters is definitely on your sights this year. Two of the last three winners here have gone on to win the Masters that year. Is there any room for superstition in your thoughts?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: You never know. You never know.

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