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January 24, 2019

Ian Poulter

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. In a long journey of golf at the moment to start your season, lots of golf being played. You're in the middle of it. You've had some time to rest at the start of this week. How was the opening round here?
IAN POULTER: The opening round was quite nice. I started with two birdies, then made a couple of mistakes to give them back, and then we kind of had a nice little rally there towards the last 10 holes there to be 5-under for the round of golf. With that, it's a decent start. I had a nice rest, thank you, Sunday and Monday. I don't normally get a Sunday and Monday off when I'm on a stretch of tournaments. Unusual to finish on a Saturday, but that was actually quite nice to do.

Q. I follow you on social media, so I've been paying attention to what you've been doing with that time. Just run us through the importance of using the time efficiently and what the sole purpose is of stepping away from playing for a few days and also if you ate all of the bag of sweets that you bought.
IAN POULTER: I haven't quite finished the bag of sweets. I will do this afternoon when I get back for sure. When you've got a long stretch of golf and you've got the opportunity to take a little bit of rest time when you're playing well, try and take it, because five weeks of intense golf can get a little much. So yeah, went sweetie shopping, had some sweets. A friend of mine on social media and Instagram let me drive his McLaren Senna, which was quite impressive, and then I went to one of the Sheikh's car collections in Abu Dhabi, which was awfully impressive. So I've had a nice couple of days away from the game of golf, and then to have that to get back to focusing on the job at hand was nice to obviously shoot 5-under today.

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