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January 22, 2019

Shane Lowry

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Shane, have you got over the emotions that you experienced in Abu Dhabi?
SHANE LOWRY: I suppose it's been a bit of a whirlwind couple of days. I'm obviously very happy to have won again. Really enjoyed the last couple days and I'm going to try and enjoy this week as much as I can.

Been a while since I've won, so it's kind of -- yeah, waking up the last couple of mornings, definitely the morning after you wake up -- the morning after you won when you wake up is pretty nice in that feeling. It's just something that you would like to just hold and keep with you forever. It's been great.

Q. Ten years ago, this isn't a part of the world you've thrived but the last few years, it's been a different story, two great finishes in Abu Dhabi and the DP World Tour Championship. What do you credit that to?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, DP World is one tournament I love playing. I love coming to Dubai. Almost have my family holiday here a little bit. It's just a great part of the world, great place to play golf. It's always beautiful and always a few Paddies watching, as well. It's nice.

Q. How was the break after the season? I know you spent a couple weeks over here in preparation. Is this going to become a second home for you?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I came out the 3rd of January. Myself and Paul Dunne rented a house, and my wife and baby came out as well and we did a lot of practise, and had some good games and did a lot of practise together.

It was nice to come out here and like I said, the weather is perfect, getting ready for a season and great time, a lovely house out on the Palm. It's nice out there. We're eating, just chilling and enjoying the day, getting to work. It's been lovely and I can see us definitely doing it again in the future.

Q. You had an interesting time last week when the driver wasn't firing and the rest of your game was. How is this course going to suit you?
SHANE LOWRY: I haven't played here since 2014, and I'm actually looking forward to getting out and playing. From what I can remember, it suits a left-to-right shot, which is what I have. If I keep playing with a bit of confidence, see what happens.

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