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January 20, 2019

Justin Rose

La Quinta, California

Q. New calendar year, new equipment, how would you assess the first week here?
JUSTIN ROSE: I mean, obviously results-wise probably not exactly what I was looking for, but I didn't come here looking for anything results-wise, I came as a week to work on my game. I hadn't really played on the golf course for a month, been doing a lot of testing with the clubs, absolutely love them, saw positives with everything. Obviously Gareth Lord caddied for me this week and all the numbers that I gave him that the clubs should be going we hit our number for the most part all week. And drove the ball really well, I thought, for the most part as well. Hit a lot of good chip shots, made some putts here and there, don't quite know how I didn't get it more under par. But every part of my game was obviously rusty, but I hit enough good shots to feel like it was a great week on which to build.

Q. So do you feel like this was a really good training ground going into a tough place like Torrey Pines?
JUSTIN ROSE: Definitely. Torrey Pines is not the place you want to be figuring out your game. I think this is the perfect start just to kind of see, get a good read on your game, this is pretty much indoor golf for the last couple of days. So you had to have your scoring boots on, you had to wedge it close, you had to putt it well. Those are probably the things I didn't do as well as I would like, but you don't expect to do that that well, to be honest, sometimes if you haven't been out on the golf course, so you're not in game mode, so it was the perfect week for me.

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