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January 20, 2019

Eun Hee Ji

John Smoltz

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. With both champions, both of the celebrity division John Smoltz and LPGA Tournament of Champions winner Eun Hee Ji. Eun Hee, you talked a little about confidence this week. Did it grow as the week went on?
EUN HEE JI: Actually, I just enjoyed my game with my partner. Yeah, that's it.

Q. Do you think the relaxed atmosphere here helped keep your mind off the end goal?
EUN HEE JI: Actually, yes. I enjoyed it with the celebrity and amateur. It makes it more fun and relax more. So I didn't get any nervous.

Q. And you're the first person this year to qualify for this next year. How much will you be looking forward to that?
EUN HEE JI: It's great. I love this tournament, and I'd love to come back here. This is a great tournament.

Q. Congratulations. I know you've got a scorecard to sign and make it official. Congratulations. We'll see you in just a moment for the presentation.
John, you got a little nervy down the stretch, didn't you?

JOHN SMOLTZ: I was playing math. I was counting in my head. With the system we had, I was trying to figure out which points would put me over the top. Yes, I played real defensive today for obvious reasons. That par was valuable. Two points is valuable.

I learn something every tournament. I learned something coming down the stretch. And I never thought the bogey I would make on 17 would be the difference, but it ended up being the difference.

Q. You've got to get back to work tomorrow, up to the studio in New Jersey, but you might have some golf coming up in the future. Perhaps there's rumors you might play in a few Champions Tour events. I know there's nothing settled yet, but how much is golf a part of your life at this point in your career?
JOHN SMOLTZ: It's a big part of it. I'm working hard at it when I can. Now my season is going to start kicking in. I'm on the network at Fox. I'm having a blast. If the opportunities are there, I'm going to look forward to playing them.

For me, if I can continue to get healthy -- look, athletes are pretty much competition addicts, and this helps fill the void of competition I haven't had in quite some time.

Q. Greg Olson, the other half of the battery, having so much success in Atlanta. How cool was it having him out there on the bag for you this week?
JOHN SMOLTZ: Yeah, it was awesome. We didn't talk about reenacting that pose because I don't think I can catch him anymore. But he kept me loose. Great friend. Obviously, we played together and had the time of our lives when I was pitching and he was catching. I'm sure I drove him nuts the last couple of holes getting really, really defensive.

We went in today saying par is our friend. The front nine, I couldn't have played it any better. The back nine, I got a little tired.

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