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January 19, 2019

Shanshan Feng

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. How was your round today?
SHANSHAN FENG: It was good. I had a pretty flat start. I had some chances, but just nothing really falling. On the 9th, I rolled one in. After that, I made like four birdies in five holes on the back nine. So 5 under is a pretty good score for me.

Q. First 54 holes of the year. How are you feeling about your swing and your game? How is everything coming along?
SHANSHAN FENG: Exactly right because Thursday was my first round of 18 holes this year. Before that, I never played 18 this year, only 9 holes every time. I'm happy that I got through, got over 54 holes and feeling pretty good because every day is getting better. Feeling like I'm getting more and more warmed up.

Tomorrow is Sunday. There's going to be a lot of crowds, so I'm really excited. Excited to see who I'm going to play with tomorrow also.

Q. What do you think about this format playing with celebrities? Do you like it?
SHANSHAN FENG: I like it. They are nice. There are some better ones, and some said they don't play very often. But I would say all of them are really nice. They try to stay out of your way. They really respect us. But I told them, I said, you just walk wherever you want. I said, we can tap it down this year, so just walk wherever and do whatever. I just want them to have fun too because I saw them -- I saw them like being really nervous because this is not their industry.

We were chatting. We were having fun. It was nice. I mean, I like it.

Q. What did you do this off-season?
SHANSHAN FENG: I spent a lot of time in China, and I went to Japan for club testing and also just spent a few more days there just for good food and shopping. Then I went to Korea another week. Yeah, I was there.

Q. You know a lot of celebrities there too?
SHANSHAN FENG: Because I went to a drama shoot. It was fun. It was my first time being to a shoot like that. It was indoors. It was in like a building, almost looks like a factory like that, but everything was built inside. It was amazing for me to see it. And I got to meet two of the very famous actors and actresses. I mean, they look really, really good in person.

You know the girl, her face was like so tiny, so when I took a picture with her, I had to step back --

Q. Depth perception?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, to try to make my face look not that big compared to hers. So that's what I did.

Q. Do you get nervous meeting celebrities like that?
SHANSHAN FENG: I do. I mean, like I've played with quite a few of them this week. Obviously, I don't really watch a lot of football or hockey or baseball, but I Googled them, and I got to see what their achievements are. A lot of them, most of them are in Hall of Fame. That's something that I've never been to. So I respect them as athletes about what they did, and then, of course, for the singers and maybe like comedians and all of them, I'm excited to see them.

Q. I'm guessing you had never heard of Duck Dynasty?
SHANSHAN FENG: Not before this week.

Q. What did you find in your research on that? Did you have some clips?
SHANSHAN FENG: Not yet, but I think I'm going to start watching them. I played with Willie today. He was very funny. We were in the scoring tent, and then he's like, oh, I never thought -- I thought we would finish right here. I never expected it would be four days because it was only three days, right?

And then he's like, well, but he didn't do really well. And then Cole -- we played together today too. Cole said, well, but you made a lot of people stay today because he was trying to joke around, interacting with the fans and spectators. Everybody asked him for pictures or sign. They all did. It was -- they were really nice, I mean, being that famous.

Q. Did you find them to be funny? You're funny.
SHANSHAN FENG: I told them, I said a lot of people told me I could be a comedian after I retire.

Q. Did you test out any of your jokes on him? Did he give you any feedback?
SHANSHAN FENG: They laughed quite a few times. They did. They still were really nervous on the first few holes. So I was trying to act like silly so make them relax.

Q. Do you like this kind of format? Do you enjoy it?
SHANSHAN FENG: I don't mind it. It feels more casual than a normal, official tournament because in other tournaments we wouldn't have music on the 18th tee box. I mean, that's our last hole. I guess tomorrow is going to be the same thing, whether if we're in the last few groups trying to chase for the trophy.

But it's still going to be there, and people are going to be "Yeah!" like that. But I like that because I can see we brought a lot more fans than golf fans this week. A lot of fans that came, they're not for us. They're not for the players. They're for the celebrities, which is good because it brings them to the tournament, and they actually start falling in love with it, so it's nice.

Q. Would you like to see that at more events, or you're like this is good for one. I think that's enough.
SHANSHAN FENG: I don't know like how many more celebrities you can find.

Q. What about like music? Do you like that?
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, yeah, of course. I love a lot of them, so come please. Invite them to the tournament.

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