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January 19, 2019

Georgia Hall

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. How was your day?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it was good. Not as good as yesterday, though I think the weather is slightly tougher. It wasn't as warm teeing off and the ball didn't go quite as far, but the greens were slower, which was good. But it took some getting used to because they've been so quick the past few days. The pins were the hardest they've been so far, so I was happy not to make too many mistakes.

Q. How do you like this whole atmosphere? It's very different.
GEORGIA HALL: No, it's a lot of fun. 18 is like very interesting, the music playing when you hit the shot, and all the crowds. But, no, it's good. It's different. I think that everyone is having such an amazing time, especially the spectators getting to see celebrities and some of the best female golfers. I think it's good for them too.

Q. How did you approach the start of this year? Did you want to get off to a fast start, or are you thinking about easing your way in? What's the approach?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, my last couple years as a pro, my first kind of half the season hasn't been as good as my second half. Maybe I'm being a bit picky, but I want to try to get off to a better start first half of the season. So I try to -- I really worked hard, probably the hardest I ever have, in the off-season. But I'm just enjoying playing golf and not putting any pressure on myself, just going out there and trying to commit to each shot.

Q. (No question).
GEORGIA HALL: I think they're like really big in America. So it's difficult for me to have heard of any of them because we don't have those sports in England.

Q. Have you been Googling them?
GEORGIA HALL: Every night. Oh, he's done this. And I'm watching the career highlights. Some of them are actual beasts. Their swing speed is at 130. (Inaudible). I'm all right. Someone text me. I'm fine.

Q. Have you been impressed with their abilities as golfers?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, they're all pretty good golfers. That's nice. We don't have to kind of wait for ages, and we can still continue. They're just far more relaxed as well. So I think it's good.

Q. So did you watch the Fresh Prince? You're too young to have watched it live. On reruns, I guess.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I've watched replays sometimes. He's actually really nice. I played with him in the practice round.

Q. Did he do the dance for you?
GEORGIA HALL: No, but I sung to him. It's not unusual. But like thousands of people a day do that. So I just left him to it.

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