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January 18, 2019

Steve Marino

La Quinta, California

Q. Nice playing. Good round here. But the highlight was obviously the ace. Talk about that a little bit.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, I hit it like exactly how I envisioned it going and sure enough it landed on the green and the people, there was like probably 15 people behind the green, but they, it was weird, they didn't really go bananas. So we thought it was in, but it wasn't like a hundred percent sure and luckily we went up there and it was in the hole.

Q. Nice little stretch after three birdies and the icing on top of that.
STEVE MARINO: It sure was, it kind of added up real quick and turned out to be a nice round.

Q. Somebody told me that that was your first ace on the PGA TOUR. Can you believe that?
STEVE MARINO: No, that's true. I've been playing out here for a long time. Yeah, and, I mean, I never had one, obviously been close a bunch of times, but yeah it was nice to finally get one.

Q. You've been popping up occasionally on the leaderboard here and there and obviously again this week you're back in the mix. What's been going on with you and what's the good run of form?
STEVE MARINO: I played last week in Hawaii and I played terrible, missed the cut. And then, I don't know, it was just kind of yesterday was a little dicey early, my ball striking wasn't there and then all of a sudden I made the turn, luckily, at 1-under at the Stadium on the back and then rolled off, like out of nowhere kind of rolled off four birdies in a row and just been kind of riding that wave of momentum ever since.

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