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January 18, 2019

Toby Keith

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Back at the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions second round, and a familiar face you might know if you're into country music. Toby Keith, yesterday when you played this hole, you said maybe not your best, but it's a long par 3. How does it set up when you see this water just totally taking over the left side?
TOBY KEITH: You have to go for the green, and it's all carry. I just take it, and I just whack right at it. Yesterday I come up just short of that bunker and hit those cat tails or whatever they are down there.

And then in this format, I went up there and got a beer and went to my room. You just take it back and let it go and hope you get there.

Q. What's the best part of being around these LPGA superstars, all winners, and some of your buddies?
TOBY KEITH: Me and Roger Clemens travel probably 12 weeks a year together when I'm not working, and his family and my family have been close over the last 20 years. He plays a lot of these events. So he brings me in and says let's go. I play Pebble every year with Steve Stricker, and Colt's there all the time too. I'm nervous when you walk up behind me.

COLT FORD: A lot of people are.

TOBY KEITH: So me and Steve always play together, and me and Roger play together. These are fun deals, you know. I kind of get a beer and walk along.

Q. Hey, that's what the game's about. Love Shack's in the background. You've got walk up songs. What is your selection?
TOBY KEITH: I would rather have an old hillbilly song, but I'm cool with Love Shack. I hope it's really loud when I swing.

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