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January 18, 2019

Brooke Henderson

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. I'm here with Brooke Henderson. Overnight co-leader, outright leader at the first event of the year, 67 today. How would you describe this second round?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Overall, I felt like I gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities. I didn't really make them most of the time, but my ball striking has been pretty good this week, and I'm really happy about that. Holes that I did run into a little bit of trouble, I was able to get up and down, which is really nice.

Overall, I'm happy to be in the position I'm in, and hopefully keep it going over the weekend.

Q. How do you and Britt kind of regroup in that situation, where you aren't always getting them to drop, to kind of stay focused and keep grinding?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Sometimes I was hitting really good putts, and they just didn't break at the last second. A couple, I didn't put the perfect stroke on them, so maybe I'll go hit a few putts on the practice green. Working with Britt on the greens, I feel like overall we're reading them really well, and I think they will fall. We just have to stay patient.

Q. How are you feeling in this position being the leader? Do you feel more comfortable leading the pack, or would you rather be kind of chasing going into the weekend?
BROOKE HENDERSON: No, it's always fun to be in the final group and be in contention. It's what we play for pretty much every single week. It's nice to be here. It's only the halfway point, but I still need to make a lot of birdies and keep hitting it to win.

Q. What's it like playing with the celebrities? Who were you playing with today, and what's the vibe like out there?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I had a great group today, Mardy and Blair. They were playing great and hitting good shots. Just to have a little bit more fun than normal, a little more talkative and interacting with fans a little bit more, it was cool for me.

Q. You looked a little off at times, but you were able to make some really good recoveries.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. I feel like overall I hit the ball very well. It was just a couple holes that were a little shaky. That might be just coming out of the offseason. But on the whole, I was able to get up and down. The rest of the time, I was giving myself great birdie looks. They just didn't fall today, as many as I would have liked. I still shot 4 under, which is good. But hopefully tomorrow I can go out and make a few more putts.

Q. This early in the season, you don't really know what the rust is until you're out in competition. What is the rustiest part right now?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think, overall I'm really happy to be in double digits after two rounds. That's pretty cool, minus 10. So I feel like there's not too much wrong, but just maybe a little bit of inconsistency, just here and there. Some putts I wasn't hitting them quite as well as I would have liked.

Q. How much time did you take off away from the game where you just didn't touch a club?
BROOKE HENDERSON: When I went home to Canada, it was only two weeks, but I was completely off there. And most of the other time, I was trying to play every couple days, which was good. I feel like it was a good mix of rest and still practice this year.

Q. Did anything feel foreign to you when you came back?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it always does a little bit. You always have to hit a lot of balls to feel the club face again and feel consistency, but I've worked really hard since just after Christmas to get the game back.

Q. This is a format that's a little more relaxed. I mean, you're out here with the celebrities. At what point does it kick in to you that, hey, this is a golf tournament and I'm on the top of the leaderboard?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know what, it's really cool because you can have a lot of fun out there. You can talk with your celebrities a little bit more. It's a little bit more relaxed. The fans, you're interacting with them a little bit more, which is fun for me.

Sometimes when you step up to hit a tee shot or you step up to make a putt, you're like, oh, this actually does mean something. It's not like just in a Pro-Am where, if this goes in, it's great. It's sort of like, I need this one. So it's just a constant reminder of remembering to stay focused and stay in it.

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