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January 18, 2019

Ray Allen

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Ray Allen is playing with the No. 1 female player in the world. I just saw you and Ariya having a conversation. What have you been able to pick her brain about?
RAY ALLEN: We've talked about everything. It's interesting to be here and talking with her. She's so friendly, and she's so kind. I think more so, she's asked me a lot of questions, how I handle being at the top, how I handle dealing with adversity. You know, I told her a lot of stories, so we definitely had some great conversations out here.

Q. Let's peek a little inside, two of the top players in each of your respective games. What are some learning moments you have from being on the top?
RAY ALLEN: I was fortunate yesterday and today because yesterday I played with Brooke Henderson and now I'm playing with Ariya today. So I think on the leaderboard they're both 1 and 2.

You know, it's everything. I talked about preparation and just taking care of your body and getting rest. Also being able to get away from the game. Sometimes when you're struggling and sometimes when you're doing well, you've got to get away from it. So we talked about everything.

Q. Ariya is such a selfless person. She always wants to be playing for another cause or for somebody. She loves being around children. What do you remember about being in your prime and the things you had to hold on to close to really keep you motivated?
RAY ALLEN: Playing a team sport is somewhat different because you know you're always playing for somebody else. So when I was young, I had to learn that. I learned it the hard way. You walk back into the locker room, and you've got a bottle of water in your hand, and you just came from the store. You learn to come back later on in life with five or six bottles of water because you have 12 brothers in the locker room, you have coaches. So it's just important to always learn that, when you're doing something, you got to always take people with you when you're doing it.

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