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January 18, 2019

Chad Pfeifer

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. So what was the number today?
CHAD PFEIFER: What did I end up with? I actually don't remember.

Q. What did you make on 18?
CHAD PFEIFER: I doubled. I think I ended up with 67 total.

Q. As far as how are you playing so far, what do you think? How are you feeling?
CHAD PFEIFER: I feel good. Hitting the ball pretty good, just had a couple of -- I was 2 under at the turn, and then on the back I had a couple dumb holes. Three-putt -- I had a really good look at birdie on 11 and ended up three-putting from about four feet. First one I just missed it. I putted too firm. Second one I hit like a blade or grass or something and just hopped left, but we can all have excuses.

No, I mean, overall it feels pretty good. On this back side today, just kind of struggled a little bit and gave some back. Had a little bit of a bad break on 18 making double, but the initial, first shot was poor.

Q. This is an extra round this year compared to the other events in the past. Your leg holding up?
CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, it's feeling pretty good. I've got -- the last couple of years, I've been struggling with some back issues. For the most part, it feels pretty good. I'll have to take some Tylenol today and get ready for tomorrow, especially with the four days.

I'm trying to walk as much as I can just because the more people that see me walking, hopefully it's inspiration for people to get outdoors and do what they love and don't let injury set them back.

Q. I was going to ask you your message. You're in the hunt. You're going to be a little bit behind right now for today, but you're still fighting. Your goal -- and we've talked about this before. Your goal coming out here is to be an example to folks, right?
CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, absolutely. As many people as I can reach out to or they can see me, especially being televised and a lot of viewers around the world. If anybody can take from this that I'm out here doing this, then so can they, and not let an injury or a prosthetic hold them back.

So hopefully, someone can see me and keep pushing forward knowing that life can be good after a traumatic event.

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