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January 18, 2019

Derek Lowe

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. So after today, you have a really good chance to win this thing. Give us an overview of your round today.
DEREK LOWE: I was happy. I was able to -- I made an eagle, which always helps. This is my first time I'm ever playing in a four-day tournament. Normally you have one day to go, but now I'm at the halfway point.

I'm happy with it. I think every time you come out here you just want to show that you can play the game. It's been an honor playing with the gals, and it's been so much fun to watch.

Q. Any shots in your round that maybe stick out to you or maybe you got lucky with?
DEREK LOWE: I would just say 17 and 18. Any time you can par 18 is beyond happy. The 17 really catapulted me, able to make an eagle. Other than that, I was just -- pars are two points. You just try to make as many pars as you can.

Q. So with your baseball experience, and we've got Kyler Murray coming in, trying to go out to the NFL draft and the MLB draft. Do you think he's likely to go to the NFL or the MLB, and do you think he's going to have a bigger impact on either one?
DEREK LOWE: I haven't personally seen him play baseball. Obviously, if the A's take him with the tenth overall pick, they see something. But I think it comes down to money. Do you take the 4.5, or do you take the 30 million depending on where he gets drafted?

What a tremendous athlete. Very few guys -- I remember we had Drew Henson back in my day, who would play football and baseball. Just the ability to play two is something that very few can ever do.

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