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January 18, 2019

Nelly Korda

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Could you sum up your round.
NELLY KORDA: I played really well yesterday. I hit it really solid. Just could not get anything going on the greens. Finally saw some putts go in. I birdied my first two holes today, so it was a really good start. And just kind of stayed solid out there. I had a couple of bogeys, but I bounced back always.

Q. How are you liking the format? It's so different.
NELLY KORDA: It's really cool. I actually love it. Like today was so much fun. We had a blast. I mean, if you didn't see like the last two holes in my group, I mean, we really had a blast. It was amazing.

I think it's really cool they're all athletes, and they're really successful in whatever they do. It's really cool to hear their stories and just to kind of get like the inside scoop of their sport or whatever they do.

Q. Anything stand out that way with players you had yesterday or today where it was somebody that you were a fan of or that you're now a fan of?
NELLY KORDA: I played with Mardy Fish yesterday, and he had a tennis background, and my family has a tennis background. So it was cool. We had a lot to talk about.

But I had two really great groups. They were really fun. Yesterday they played unbelievable. I was like, am I the pro here, or are you guys the pro? So, yeah, it's been a really good two days, and I'm really loving it out here.

Q. So he must have instantly known about you and the whole background and everything like that?
NELLY KORDA: Of course. It was really nice.

Q. Are your parents out here? Did they get a chance to talk to him?
NELLY KORDA: My mom is out here. My brother and my dad are at home because they're practicing. My dad may come out Sunday.

Q. And I want to ask you too, just with your victory last year, how does that affect your approach to this year, maybe your goals or your mindset?
NELLY KORDA: I mean, mindset, I just know that I have what it takes to win out here and be in contention. But I'm just going to, as I said before, I'm just going to take it shot by shot and see where it takes me. There's so many great players I saw last year, and there was so many first time winners. Every year the play out here gets better and better.

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