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January 18, 2019

Pablo Larrazabal

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. 68 today, how does that compare to the display of the first two days?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Much better. Much better even than the 67 the first day. I played great. Probably the golf game wasn't that good, but the mental game was 10 out of 10.

I started very fast, three birdies the first three, and then I struggled a little bit from the tee in the middle of the round. I hit it in five bunkers in five holes in a row and I up-and-downed three of them.

So yeah, on this birdie on the last, after missing a very short putt on 13, this birdie on 18 put me right up there.

Q. Certainly did. If someone asked me five of the most creative players on The European Tour, your name would be on the list. When you get a day like today, is that one of the skill sets required?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I needed it today. Yesterday when I saw the forecast and I knew that there was some wind coming, it put a little smile on me. You know, I miss a lot from the tee with no wind in perfect conditions, and I'm going to still be missing a lot in poor conditions, and the people are going to miss more.

I play my game when it's a lot of wind, and you know, hit 5-woods on par 4s in two from the rough and all that kind of stuff, up-and-down from everywhere to try to save pars, and take the chances with the good shots. It's the game I've always played and that's, you know, that's how I am.

Q. Just finally, you've got a great record here. You've obviously won in 2014 and got a second place here, as well and you love this golf course. How much can you lean on those experiences going tomorrow?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: It all depends on Shane. Shane is ahead big time. Right now I shoot 4-under in these conditions, and I was five behind and I'm still five behind. It looks like he's playing great in all the conditions.

But yeah, I've been up there a couple times. I beat Rory and Mickelson in 2014 down the stretch, and I hold Dustin Johnson in 2017 down the stretch, as well. He had to make like a 40-footer on the last to tie me.

I will go out there tomorrow to try to play my game, have fun and try to make quick birdies to close the gap.

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