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January 17, 2019

Jon Rahm

La Quinta, California

Q. A few comments. Offset one early bogey with seven birdies. A few comments about the day.
JON RAHM: Well, the one problem I had, and I don't know if everybody else had, is I couldn't get the distance with my irons. The ball was flying significantly lower. It was just hard to believe a couple shots. And that's what happened on 2. That ball was going right at the flag stick and just landed short and I just missed a 5-footer. Besides that it was a pretty solid day. I took advantage of the par-5s and a couple others that I hit close and then that little bonus putt on 16. So overall a pretty good day.

Q. What do you attribute to not being able to get the distance right? Was it the wind?
JON RAHM: It was not the wind. It was just the rain, how cold it was, not cold but the air density, it's pretty heavy right now. So sometimes it's hard to believe, especially when you get closer to the hole, how hard you had to hit the ball. And when you are hitting one or two clubs more than what we're usually used to it's hard to be absolutely certain of doing it. But again that only happened a few holes. For the most part I had a pretty good day, a pretty good ball striking day.

Q. You weren't feeling so great early in the week, you've obviously bounced back. Are you feeling okay now looking forward to the rest of the week?
JON RAHM: I'm better. Still pretty weak, which is possibly why I wasn't hitting it quite as far. Not fully recuperated, my body is not a hundred percent, so I could definitely feel when I hit a driver and I thought I hit it far enough it was definitely a 10 yard gap. Even today a couple of the shorter irons I could feel my body not being able to swing as hard. But I don't have bad feelings in me, I just need to rest up a little and hopefully I get better every day.

Q. Was it just kind of a cold, you just felt kind of achy, pain?
JON RAHM: No, I had the flu. It was the flu. But I didn't have any of the stomach things going on. So I had a fever, my chest was bothering me, coughing, coughing on the course, crazy body aches, headache. The fever went away with the medication. I'm sure if I don't take it probably would come back, so, yeah, slowly getting better, I'm feeling okay so far.

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