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January 17, 2019

Thidapa Suwannapura

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Can you go through today, what it was like to get the season going.
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: To be honest, it's kind of weird to start the season with a double on a par 5. But I mean, whatever it is, I was just trying to play my best out there, trying to find birdie. And playing with Patrick, he's pretty popular. There's a lot of people coming. We had fun today. Everybody played their own game and just have fun trying to make birdie out there.

Q. Did the atmosphere and playing with celebrities, did that maybe calm any nerves and just make things a little easier as you went along?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I'm pretty chill this week, I think, because we're playing with celebrities, and they're just here having fun playing golf. It's more like a friendly tournament. Normally we'd be playing with all the players, but it made more pressure for me if you see a good player play and make birdie and stuff. But we were just out there trying to have fun and trying to make birdies and cheer up each other.

Q. How did the course shape up?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: I love it. The golf course was perfect. The green was so good. It rolled really good. That's why it makes a lot of birdies. I like it.

Q. I'm kind of doing a little Symetra angle to this. With you being a past graduate and just being here, you're one of 26 players who have won the last two years. What does it mean as you think back on your career from graduating to being in this position, which is almost a pinnacle?
THIDAPA SUWANNAPURA: Back then it was only my first year on Symetra, and then I got the Tour card. Without that win from the playoff, I was not even sure I would get the Tour card. So it's something that I'm always going to remember that moment.

I mean, I'm glad I'm still out here playing golf, even though I had back surgery in 2016. Still come back with medical condition and keep my Tour card. And then I win last year. Just everything is getting better in my game.

Q. It's kind of great that you're still in this position almost with everything you've gone through.

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