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August 16, 2003

Rainer Schuettler


MODERATOR: Okay. Questions.

Q. Was it just a matter of not being able to break his serve tonight?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: I mean I think I had so many chances in the first set to break him. I had set point in the first, I had set point in the second, so I mean once you have to make the chances. Otherwise you have no chance to win a match, and that's what happened tonight. He served pretty good, and yeah, that's why he won the match. He just went for it with a big serve, and he made the important points. That's it.

Q. Is it hard to play a guy like that coming in here in a semifinal that's -- you know, he's never been at this level, in that position before. I mean he even said, you know, tomorrow he has nothing to lose. I'm sure he probably felt like that tonight.

RAINER SCHUETTLER: For me it's not difficult. I mean actually I like to play a player like he is, with his serve. He likes to go to the net. I like it. Today I just didn't take my chances, and that's it. I mean he played -- as I said, he played the big points. He played great. He served well when I had that break point, and I mean if he's playing that well, if he's serving that well, congratulations.

Q. Mardy said when you played in Australia he served much, much better than today. Was the serve that much different in those two meetings?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: I don't think there was a difference. I think the difference was that I had in the first I think three or four service games he had, I had break points and I didn't make them. So that was the only difference.

Q. There's a point in the first set he argued a couple of calls and the crowd was kind of behind him. Did you at all get bothered by the crowd? I think you were mumbling a few things.

RAINER SCHUETTLER: I like to mumble, so if you watch my matches before, I used to do it and I always will do it, so -- and I know, of course, he's American. The crowd is behind him, and that's normal, so it wasn't a big surprise actually.

Q. Can you compare his serve to Roddick's?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: No. Definitely not. I mean his service motion is completely different, and both of them serve in a different way. Of course, he has a big serve, but Andy has the first serve is harder, definitely. But yeah, they serve completely different. I mean for me, the reason why he's a good server is not because of the speed, but because you don't see -- I mean he throws the ball -- even if he's going to the T or wide, he's throwing the ball exactly the same, and that's why he's a good server.

Q. He better disguises his serve; right?


Q. He better disguises his serve. It's hard to read?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: It's hard to read where he's serving, yeah. That's what makes -- I mean it's easy to serve hard, but if you can read the serve of my opponent, it's pretty difficult, and that's why for me he's a good server.

Q. But today you made many unforced errors, the balls were flying all around the court. Why was it?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: I don't think that I made a lot of unforced errors. I think he served pretty well, but I don't think that I lost too many points when we had a rally from the baseline. I think it was just because he served pretty well. That's it.

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