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January 17, 2019

Ian Poulter

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. A blemish-free round until the last; you hit it in the water and made a bogey. We heard you say power of the mind. What does that mean?
IAN POULTER: Mental errors, mistakes. Missed the fairway just left yesterday and made birdie. It was downwind today, I didn't want to miss it left, so the power of the mind taking over, I mean, it's a negative thought. It shouldn't even be even in my mind that I'm even thinking about yesterday's tee shot, and because of that, the power of the mind takes over and you obviously hit it to the right. Obviously slightly tired, allowing that kind of nonsense to get in there, because pretty much the rest of the day was flawless, especially from the tee. I mean, I missed a few second shots, but tee shots were very, very good. So yeah, it's a bit of a frustrating way to finish, but if you'd have offered me that stepping off the plane a couple nights ago, I would have taken it.

Q. Just talk a little bit more about the energy. Yesterday the 34 hours of travelling door to door, and you're mentally exhausted.
IAN POULTER: It was fine. I mean, I slept well last night. I had a quick bite to eat, went straight to bed. I didn't fall asleep straightaway. I probably fell asleep at 9:00, woke up at just after 4:00, so from that perspective, that was quite a decent night's sleep. But I don't know how the energy level is going to be over the next couple of days. I think that's where I need to be careful and obviously need to try and get as much sleep and rest as I can to be as fresh as I possibly can over the next couple days.

Q. How excited are you about the possibilities going into the weekend. Hopefully you will get that energy, and you will be up there come this weekend.
IAN POULTER: It's great. To come -- it's my third tournament of the year. I feel good. I played well the first week out, first in greens in regulation, which means I obviously played quite nice. I didn't hole the putts I would have liked to have holed. I think I've holed obviously more putts in the last couple of days, that's why I'm up there on the leaderboard. The continuation of the good form from the last couple weeks is there, I'm holing a few putts. Obviously I just need to keep those silly little mental errors out, and I think I'll have a good week.

Q. Obviously a slightly frustrating finish to the round, but overall your thoughts on the previous 17 holes?
IAN POULTER: I mean, the whole day was pretty good. I think with the form coming on the front nine like it was yesterday, I felt good. Kind of a three-putt on 18, on my ninth there for a par was a little frustrating because it kind of held things up a little bit as I started my back nine. Missed a couple of shots around that back nine, and then obviously just a little bit of a mental error on my last hole of the day and pushed my tee shot in the hazard. But I would have taken it at the start of the tournament for sure, being in this position. I feel pretty good, just obviously need to get a little bit of rest and hopefully come out obviously fresh and strong the next couple days.

Q. We spoke yesterday about obviously the long journey that you had to get here. So to be in contention, you must be pretty pleased with the way mentally you've dealt with the early two rounds.
IAN POULTER: Yeah, it's nice. To not have a practice round to probably putt as well as I've putted in the last two rounds is a surprise, to be honest, because I didn't putt very well the last two weeks, so I haven't had a lot of time to adjust to the surfaces we've had. They're great to putt on. So from that perspective, yeah, I'm pretty pleased.

Q. Looking forward now to the weekend going out in one of the final groups?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, it's great. It's what you practise for, right, to get out there and play at that end of the leaderboard is what you want. It should be a good weekend.

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