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January 12, 2019

Keith Mitchell

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. I asked Pete if you hit it better yesterday or today. He said both. Difference today was the putts. Putts were just falling in for you.
KEITH MITCHELL: That's exactly right. I hit it great yesterday and continued it today. Just trying to get a little bit more relaxed on those putts. You can really over-read these things with the ocean and the grain and the break.

Today I tried to feel like I was just trying to get the ball started where I was looking, and whatever happened after that happened. Worked a little bit too. Still kind of a few I left out there, but I also made some great ones. I felt like it evened out.

Q. You shot 63. Seemed it could have been much lower. Agonizing putts right on the edge.
KEITH MITCHELL: That happens in every golf round. I don't think anybody has ever played a perfect round before. I've very pleased with how I played. I know I got a lot to do to catch Matt, but I felt like I put myself in a good position.

It could have been lower, but I've never walked off the course and said that.

Q. You mentioned that you know you have a lot to do. How does that change the approach tomorrow? Do you press more? More aggressive?
KEITH MITCHELL: I would like to say yes, but end of the day we're all trying to win out here and want to put ourselves in the best position to win.

But you don't do anything stupid unless you're on the last, 17 or 18, and you're one or two shots behind. You might be more aggressive. We're going to play 16 holes tomorrow like we have to the last three days, and then if we have a chance on 17, 18 to do something aggressive, then I will do it.

Q. How would you assess your round out there today?
KEITH MITCHELL: It was great. Hudson started off amazing and I was like, well, looks like it can be done today.

Finally after No. 7 where I had some mojo yesterday I started to pick up some more. I was able to hit some good shots early. Couple putts, I made a good one on 3; couple more could have gone in. It's always like that. They started falling there on the back nine a little bit.

I played really -- the pins were tough today. I played really conservative on the back in terms of my shots to the greens, so I knew I would have 15, 20 feet on a couple flags, and there is no way you press them. If you make them, great; if you don't, you're probably going to make par.

I did that really well and got up and down on 18 to cap it off.

Q. I know you're behind four, five, six shots. Is there a little more pressing tomorrow or is it just play your game and see what comes?
KEITH MITCHELL: It's probably going to be the same for first good 15, 16 holes. If we have a good chance, if we're one or two back from the leader, then I can definitely say we'll be aggressive on the last two holes.

Or if vice versa and I am in the lead, we might play more conservative.

The first 15, 16 holes you do have thing the same and can reassess then.

Q. 10-under par on 7 through 9. What is it about those holes?
KEITH MITCHELL: No. 7 is a great yardage for me whether the flag is front or the back. Just fits a good yardage and a good shot shape with that wind coming out of the right.

8 is a tough tee shot. I've hit -- the first day I sure got lucky. Finished up the right side. If you hit it in the fairway on 8, you can pretty much attack the flag with a wedge.

9 is a very gettable par-5. Really if I can hit a good tee shot off 8 I feel like I'm good shape for those three holes.

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