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January 11, 2019

Keith Mitchell

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Keith, chat about that three-hole stretch there. Not too shabby.
KEITH MITCHELL: I was hitting it great all day and felt like I was hitting some good putts and just wasn't getting on the out of my round.

Hit a great shot on 7 and we thought the wind a little out of the right. Hit it exactly how I wanted to, and the wind wasn't pushing it; it was trying to leak toward the hole but there is a little lip off the side of the bunker, side of the green, so it landed right on the fringe, used that slope, and just disappeared.

So it was fun playing with Scott Brown and Chris Kirk, too, both Georgia guys. It was a lot of fun to do that.

8 hit a great tee shot. Hit a very conservative wedge, because the flag is on the very back of the green. If you go over it's a 905, maybe 6, so we kind of laid up short and made our first good putt, long putt of the day, probably 15 sure 20 feet. That was big.

And then kind of hit it in the left rough on 9 and we were just trying to get it over the top of the palm trees. We took an 8-iron; didn't expect it to get all the way to the green. Came out hot, and then the fairways are so firm out there that is just rolled all the way to the front of the green and was just a left-edge putt and hit a good one.

Q. Any comments from those two guys walking off the last green about that stretch?
KEITH MITCHELL: It's almost so close that kind of just shrug your shoulders and say, Good shot. I kind of felt bad for Chris. I was hoping he was going to make the cut. He might still, but you could tell he was a little upset not birdieing the last.

And then Scott Brown played great all day, so we had a good group of camaraderie out there.

Q. I know Kuchar has moved out a good bit ahead, but those three holes completely change your outlook now going into the weekend.
KEITH MITCHELL: They definitely put me in a better position. I know I was playing good the first 33 holes and just wasn't getting a lot out of my game. Definitely helps take me off the cut line really and to move me into a good position going into the weekend.

My whole game plan feels the same. I feel like I'm playing great, and just finally it clicked the last three holes.

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