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January 10, 2019

Jordan Thompson

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A. DE MINAUR/J. Thompson

7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You might be sick of seeing Alex the last couple of weeks, I would imagine?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, it's tough. I've lost to one player two weeks in a row. You know, they weren't first rounds. They were second round and a quarterfinal.

He's a great player. He's made the final of this tournament before. Made the semis of Brisbane the year before. He's a player on the rise, and he's really good. Just nothing but up for him.

Q. How do you feel heading into the Australian Open?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I've played plenty of matches. Been playing singles and doubles. Yeah, it's all about matches before the Australian Open, so yeah, not short on them so I'll be match fit.

Q. Lopez first round next week. I think you played him a year and a half ago?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I played him in Acapulco. Yeah, 2017, I think. Yeah, it was a little while ago.

Q. Do you take much out of that?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Look, I will try and remember a few things. I'm sure it's on tape, so, yeah, I will probably go back and watch. I'll watch some of his more recent matches, as well, just to get an idea.

Q. You were in that stadium, and it felt at times like the crowd was maybe more an Alex's side. What's it like playing at home but with that kind of dynamic?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I didn't really notice it, to be honest. Yeah, he's a fan favorite here. He's the reason people are coming and sitting in the stands. Yeah, the more people the better.

Q. The doubles might be rained out tonight. How do you feel about playing tomorrow?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, we'll see what the weather's got in store. Looks like it's raining.

Q. There was a point I think in the first set where there was a pretty late call by one of the umpires. What was going through your head then? Did that change the momentum of the match at all?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Just try and block it out. I can't really remember, but I don't think it affected anything.

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