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January 10, 2019

Patton Kizzire

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. I'm sure you're pretty pleased with your first round here.
PATTON KIZZIRE: Yeah, no bogeys. Any time you can gut around this place on a fairly windy day with no bogeys is pretty good. Birdied the par-5s and had another birdie in there somewhere. It was a solid day.

Q. There are only two par-5s, and if you don't birdie, probably it's like giving a stroke to the field, isn't it?
PATTON KIZZIRE: It is. They are very birdieable. You have to hit a good tee shot, though. That's the hard part, getting the ball in the fairway. Especially No. 18. Big dogleg, so you got to curve it a lot and really fit it in that fairway.

And 9 has a nice crosswind into off the left. A little difficult on that hole. I actually made birdie from the fairway bunker, so it was good to take advantage of the par-5s.

Q. Is that one of the challenges here, is because of how tight the golf course is shaping it around the trees and putting the premium on the fairway here?
PATTON KIZZIRE: Yeah, there are doglegs and crosswinds. That always makes it difficult. You got to hit it the right distance with the right flight and holed it into the fairway.

It's hard to score from the rough, so the guys that play well this week will be playing from the fairway. Few nice up and downs, but most of the time I was putting for birdie. Got three of them, so it was a solid day.

Q. Couple changes to the course, right, 10 and 18. How does that change the way you approach the course?
PATTON KIZZIRE: No. 10 is more of a layup hole now. We tend to layup on No. 10, especially with the front pin. I think once you see the pins in the back of the green you'll see more guys pushing it down there.

And No. 18 is certainly more difficult. That green is playing really firm and is elevated there in the front right, which gives a lot of guys some problems. It's made it at least a stroke more difficult.

Q. You said the other day it's cool to be in Hawaii. Even better to be as defending champion?

Q. Come out with a little different feeling when you got out on the tee this morning?
PATTON KIZZIRE: Not really. I was able to defend my title at the Mayakoba. Not successfully, but I have experience as defending champion. So feels like another tournament, but coming here is always fun.

Such a sweet golf course, and great hotel, great people, so it's always feels good to be in Hawaii.

Q. Wind about what you expected?
PATTON KIZZIRE: It was blowing pretty good. I woke up this morning really early before the sun, got out here before the sun came up, and I figured the wind wouldn't be blowing too hard. It was up fairly early and continued to push pretty hard.

Q. Any flashbacks of that playoff?
PATTON KIZZIRE: A few, yeah. I think back in the pro-am I was on No. 17 green and I was thinking, This is where it all ended right here. I remember tapping it in and giving a fist bump and big sigh of relief.

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