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January 10, 2019

Andrew Putnam

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Let's talk about a fabulous opening round. How good was that out there? The putter was just red hot.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, putter was hot. I don't know how many feet I made with putts, but it was getting a little ridiculous out there.

Q. 174 feet; 23 total putts, and strokes gained putting 6.8. That's pretty awesome.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah. Pretty much what it felt like out there. Hole was very large and the ball was going in. It was fun.

Q. Obviously you like these greens. A little bit different than last week.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, they were great today. I actually didn't get a practice round in on them. Today was my first day rolling on them and worked out pretty good.

Q. To me they were very firm and very fast.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, they were getting pretty brown and bouncy. They roll really smooth, but if you're in the wrong spots on the greens can get pretty tricky and dicey.

I think that was the key. Left myself in pretty good spots.

Q. We talk about the putting, but overall I thought driving was good; I thought your iron play was exceptional.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, iron play was great; driving was good enough. Had a few mistakes here and there, but hit my irons great.

Q. How much was this a carryover from last week, the fact that you got to play? I know it's completely different as far as the course style. Last week you played pretty good. A little carryover?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I think so. Last week I was just trying to knock some of the rust off. Didn't practice a ton this off-season; had some other things going on.

Yeah, happy to be out here playing tournaments.

Q. Maybe you shouldn't practice as much.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Maybe that's my key. Work less.

Q. You seemed to be playing a different golf course out there compared to everyone else. It was fun to watch. What was that round like?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I just got hot on the putter. You clearly saw that. Yeah, it was getting a little ridiculous with how many putts were falling in.

Q. Something you been working on, focusing on?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Not really. You know, I actually putted really well last week at Kapalua. I think I was second in putting, yeah, so I think just carryover. Hitting my lines.

Funny thing was I didn't get a practice round out here, so I was a little bit up in the air with the speed of the greens. For some reason it just felt right.

Q. Why no practice round?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I actually got stung by a bee two days ago out by the pool on my foot and I couldn't walk, so I had to withdraw out of the pro-am. I was just sitting around all yesterday and couldn't even hit a shot. Yeah, kind of bizarre how it all worked out.

Q. You're one of 23 players that played last week; how much of a benefit is it to have a recent competitive round under your belt coming here?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I think it's nice to knock some of the rust off. We had probably four or five weeks off, and to get a week jump start on the field is nice. To be in Hawaii is even better.

Q. Obviously an excellent day for you. Just comment on your play.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, it was a great day. Putted really well; made a lot of putts; put the ball in the right spots on the greens.

It's a tricky course today with the wind and the firmness of the course. Yeah, I just played a really great round.

Q. (Regarding putter on the back nine.)
ANDREW PUTNAM: It was one of those things where the ball just looked like it was going in from everywhere. I don't know if you guys have experienced that, but it's incredible. Doesn't happen too often. Just tried to stay in the moment and just keep it going.

Q. The one on 14, 21 feet. You kind of shook your head.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah. That was just one of those ones, downhill left to righters; trying to 2-putt it and caught the right line and just went in. It was crazy.

Q. You third time playing in this tournament, right?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Third time, yeah.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ANDREW PUTNAM: I feel like I've just gotten to know the course pretty well. It's one of those courses where you really have to be in the right spots and stay out of the rough. My irons have been great for about a year. Today my putting showed up, which was great.

Q. Anything you'll change going into tomorrow or just keeping it the same?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Just going to keep it the same. Keep hanging out and loving this Hawaii weather.

Q. You mentioned over there a little mishap a couple days ago with a bee sting. Care to elaborate?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, I got stung by a bee on Maui trying to get my mom a lawn chair at the pool. It didn't hurt too much in the beginning, but it swelled up pretty big and I had to withdraw from the pro-am. I could hardly walk. It was pretty crazy.

Yeah, hadn't seen the course until today. This is my first go-round. Maybe that's my new strategy, not play before the tournament starts.

Q. Or get stung by a bee.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Or get stung by a bee, yeah. That helped my putting.

Q. What were you thinking coming into today?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Just I was still limping around a little bit just trying to get through the day and make the best of it.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ANDREW PUTNAM: No, not really. I knew I would be good enough to play by today. Just one of those crazy things you can't really control.

Q. How different is it getting a chance to play on Maui last week and then coming over here?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, it was good to play over there and get some rust off. Obviously this course is completely different than last week, so totally different strategy. Not an advantage really on course layout, but just getting some tournament reps in.

Q. Getting a win last year, that breakthrough, how much did that change your perspective or attitude?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, that was huge being able to get that win and being able to play far into the FedExCup. Hopefully that's just going to propel me for this next year.

Q. Feel like you learned a lot?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, learned a ton. Really use a lot of what I learned to have some success my next year out on tour. It was pretty hard my first year, but I am thankful for it all.

Q. (Regarding brothers caddying.)
ANDREW PUTNAM: No brothers here to caddie. No, they're all in Maui enjoying the surf and sand.

Q. What kind of deal was that?
ANDREW PUTNAM: They don't caddie for me, so...

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah. I've been here a lot, so feels like a good second home.

Q. From about what age?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Probably since I was like 15 coming here every year.

Q. I didn't see all your putting; I know you made a lot of putts. Did you have the flag stick in front of you there?
ANDREW PUTNAM: No. Yeah, I'm still scared of doing that.

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