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January 9, 2019

Priscilla Hon

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


0-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It looked like everything was going right for you in that first set. Can you pinpoint a moment where it kind of turned around for you?
PRISCILLA HON: Yeah, I mean, first set I was feeling obviously pretty comfortable. I was playing well. I was pretty relaxed, as well.

It was windy conditions, which I think suited me more, a lot more than she did. She didn't seem to like the wind. I don't know. It's a tennis-player thing to do. When you win the set 6-Love you're just, like, Oh, here we go. Like it's going to hit you soon. So you're kind of like waiting for it almost, which is not ideal.

But it happens. And, yeah, I dropped a little, and obviously she started playing a bit better. The wind started dropping so she was on the ball a lot more. She was kind of dictating me, and I felt like I was being a bit too defensive towards the end.

Q. Particularly the quality, obviously she's top 30, top 40, but was it hard to get excited where you were and how it's working out for you?
PRISCILLA HON: I'm trying -- like, I mean, it's great playing top players now, and I feel like now I'm not like, Oh, my God she's top 30 or whatever, whoever I'm playing. It's more like I know who I'm playing and how do I play her. Not like, Oh, I hope I get a few games, you know. Like I feel like I have won a few matches and beat a couple of players, so I feel like my level is there, but I just need to work on my game overall, yeah.

Q. Is that something you have learned this week as this week has gone on?
PRISCILLA HON: Yeah. Obviously I played a few top girls. Just to know that, you know, that I just need to believe that I kind of belong here. So I think that's a big one for me after this week, just getting a few matches before Australian Open, obviously.

Q. There was a marathon going in the third set. I think it was nine or ten deuces. Tell us about that one.
PRISCILLA HON: Yes. I knew that was a big game, and I'm like, Come on, you have to win this. But yeah, it went for ages. You know, I would get my advantage and I'm like, Yes, you've got it.

Obviously that never happens when you finally think, when you actually are confident about something. It just, next minute, you're like hating it again. It's just a big roller coaster.

Yeah, that was a critical game. Obviously if I won that, then, you know, anything could happen. But obviously she started playing a lot better. She was serving a lot better. Yeah, she kind of dictated after that.

Q. You started with some bandaging and that came off. How was your mobility?
PRISCILLA HON: Yeah, yeah, I just did not like the bandage. It was annoying me. I'm, like, No, I have had enough. I needed to take it off. It's fine.

Q. Was it nice having Alicia Molik in the stands?
PRISCILLA HON: Yeah, we have had a few sessions together. No a whole lot, but hopefully more in the future. Yeah, it was great to have her there. I wasn't even sure if she would stay the whole match because she's had obviously Sam and Ash and it's a long day.

Yeah, I was really happy that she stayed for that. It was good, great having her support on the side. Yeah.

Q. Fed Cup?
PRISCILLA HON: Yeah, it's definitely a goal, but I really like hope I do get chosen for Fed Cup. Obviously you never know. We have a lot more Aussie girls coming up. Hopefully I will be, but I don't want to get too excited (smiling).

Q. How are you feeling overall ahead of next week?
PRISCILLA HON: Well, now I feel like, I feel like I'm pretty ready. Obviously after Brisbane I was pretty down after my first-round loss. It was close. I was just, like, Okay, you need to get some kind of matches before Australian Open.

So now that I've got that under my belt, it's just trying to recover and get my body right. Yeah.

Q. You're pretty early in your career. Pretty reserved player. What's it like working the crowd? Two guys were big supporters for your opponent. They were always louder than the Australian fans.
PRISCILLA HON: It doesn't bother me too much. We travel a lot, and if you go overseas and you play one of their local players, it's always going to be against you.

I have everyone else with me, and then it's like two people. It's not a big deal. Yeah, I don't mind.

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