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January 9, 2019

Samantha Stosur

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


5-7, 6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. A tough grind out there. Did you get what you wanted out of Sydney?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Did I...(smiling). Yeah, it was a three-hour grind and a battle. Yeah, it was just an awkward match. Look, at the end of the day, still two matches and one that I really had to try and, you know, today really battle through.

I tried what I could out there. It just wasn't easy. Obviously I'd much rather be here tomorrow, but I guess two matches under my belt this week is not a bad thing heading into Melbourne. Obviously still some things to work on but I've got days to do that.

Q. Some of the stuff you had been trying, have you seen some positive results?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: I mean, I was obviously especially pleased with the other night. Timea plays an awkward-style game, and I think in these conditions it made it even harder to really play against that.

I guess it's all a learning experience and, okay, what could I do to combat that. I think I was on the right track. I probably didn't execute it quite as well as what I needed to, but, yeah, it's one of those days where you feel like you kind of have opportunities but I wasn't able to take them.

Q. Is that what makes it a little bit harder after the highs of the other night and coming in, and it looked like you got off to a good start and a letdown after that?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I mean, I think today, I didn't necessarily start the first set that great. Got it going. Tried to stay positive and use the things that I have been kind of working on as far as that side of tennis, not even hitting the ball, but all right, you're in an awkward position here, really kind of mentally work through that, and, you know, keep trying to stay positive and show that outwardly.

Ended up winning that first set and then went down early in that second. It was just very up and down I think from both of us. It was not easy to kind of keep momentum out there, and it was super windy and everything else. But, yeah, obviously it's disappointing, but the sun will come up tomorrow (smiling).

Q. All in all, how do you feel heading into next week?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I mean, pretty good. There's always obviously, like I said, things to improve and work on, but that's I think no matter what's going on, except for maybe Ash has just beaten the No. 1 in the world.

You know, it's good. I have played two really tough matches, you know, three hours today, and going into Melbourne you want that match play. Obviously it would be nice to be here, but it's not to be. So I have a few days to really try and keep practicing and be ready for the first round.

Q. Does beating someone like Dominika give you confidence going to Melbourne?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Oh, for sure. Yeah, I was really pleased with that match. And, yeah, I'm ready to play whoever I get drawn against.

Again, whether they're No. 1 in the world or the last one in, everyone is out there trying to achieve the same thing and play well, and there is typically no easy matches. And if you somehow manage to snag one, well, happy days.

But I'm still confident in my ability and what I'm able to do out on a tennis court. I'll be ready.

Q. There is a chance Timea could play Hon next. Have you ever played against Hon?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: To be honest, not really. She's based in Brisbane, and I haven't been up in Brissy really practicing for a long time.

I mean, I have seen her especially in the Asian tournaments at the end of last year. We played doubles against each other in Hong Kong. And, yeah, I think Pri's at a career-high ranking at the moment and must be feeling pretty good about that.

I have always kind of watched her play a little bit. I think she has some pretty good talent. She's a little bit flairy.

Yeah, I really hope she can do well today and then obviously see how it goes against Timea tomorrow if she's able to get through. She's probably, yeah, the next-highest ranked I think probably not direct into slams. Hopefully this will really help her boost her confidence for the year ahead.

Q. Did you catch much of Ash?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: No, I literally did not see one point, but I obviously found out she won. That's fantastic.

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