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January 6, 2019

Webb Simpson

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. 65, excellent round. Get some comments.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I think the difference today was the putts were going in. I didn't really make anything the first three rounds. I think we figured out something yesterday on the second nine, just how we're going to read them a little differently. Taking a harder look at the grain like we do in Florida. And that helped. So made putts today and shot lower.

Q. Take us through 9 and 14. Those two eagles.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, 9, hit 5-wood, 4-iron to about 20 feet and it was one foot out on the left and kind of caught the left lip, so that was nice. Turned in 5-under. Then 14, I hadn't hit driver all week, so I was a little uncomfortable so it was nice to hit a good one and kept it under the hole somehow, made about a 15-footer.

Q. Played well at the end of the season -- or end of the fall, I should say. How important is it to keep the momentum going here kicking off January?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's important. Especially, I had six weeks off after RSM. I've got another three off now. So I'm trying to scale back a little. I feel like that the best players in the world for the most part play less than everybody else. So this year my goal is to play one or two less. So nothing significant, but that's why I'm taking a light West Coast and get back into it in Florida.

Q. Which eagle was better?
WEBB SIMPSON: Probably 14.

Q. Why?
WEBB SIMPSON: Just it's always nice when you're uncomfortable to hit good shot and 9 I wasn't uncomfortable, wide fairway. 14 I'm a little uncomfortable just I hadn't hit it all week and you don't want to go right. I hit a perfect drive. So that was a good feeling.

Q. Why did you decide to hit it today?
WEBB SIMPSON: I couldn't reach the other days and today we had a little help and I could get there. So figured why not.

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