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January 6, 2019

Jason Day

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. You had some good signs. Most birdies in the field.
JASON DAY: Oh, definitely a lot of good signs, like not miss one-foot, one-and-a-half-foot putts. Like the only crazy thing was is that it just I would hit good putts and then they would just go, I struggled reading them this week. Especially on the shorter ones. So I missed a lot of short ones that I don't really typically miss. So I just got to go back to Palm Springs and practice a little bit more and hopefully get the reads right and the speed right. But it's obviously very disappointing with how I finished yesterday. Would have liked to have, it was obviously easy conditions in the first two days, so it would have been nice to be able to get out there and get myself into some sort of contention. And then to play the way I did today was obviously leaving that on a positive note.

Q. Does it give you confidence for the new year that you've got plenty of birdies in you, as long as you eliminate mistakes?
JASON DAY: I always have birdies in me, which is good. That's a good thing. I think once I minimize mistakes obviously that's when results start to come. So today was really positive with the way I hit it. From tee to green I drove it and drove it nicely and then obviously hit a lot of good quality iron shots into the greens that a couple kick-ins, which was nice and then just overall played a lot better. Just a couple of silly errors today. But it's always nice when you're up there leading birdies or somewhere around that each week because you've just got to, if you can kind of just save yourself a shot here or there with the short game, you're always going to be somewhere in contention if you can like minimize those mistakes.

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