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January 6, 2019

Justin Thomas

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. How would you assess your week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a good week. A lot of positives. Definitely felt like I accomplished a lot more than I did last year here. But, yeah, it was nice to not have as much wind today and finally feel like could I make some putts. I had had a hard time trusting my lines and the speed with the wind and made some good putts out there, especially bogeying the first hole when I knew I needed to go deep and rally, and 10-under my -- or 9-under my last 16 holes is a nice way to finish the tournament.

Q. Is there anything over the next few days you want to kind of tighten up a bit before the Sony Open?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Rest. I want to rest my legs. They're pretty tired. There's just no way to really prepare for walking this golf course. It's shin splint heaven. My right shin is hollering at me pretty good right now. But, no, I'm just going to keep, get some rest and watch the Bama football game tomorrow afternoon and do my usual Tuesday, Wednesday prep work on wedges and short game.

Q. Where are you watching the game?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I'll probably watch it, Trey Mullinax and I are staying together next week, so we'll probably just chill in our room and watch it.

Q. You have a little breakdown for me? I know what your thoughts are, but.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I haven't watched Clemson play a lot this year. I obviously know they're really good. But I like when you give that guy, Saban, a little bit of time to prepare, so yeah, I think it's going to be a great matchup. But hopefully I don't have to sweat it out.

Q. Talk about today. Saw you play quite a bit out there. Were you pleased? Some putts didn't fall but all in all a good finish?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, very, very solid week, definitely have a lot to build on. Very, very confident going into next week. I feel like I was close to shooting some really low numbers this week. Wedges just weren't quite as tidy as I would have liked. Just had a couple times where I misjudged the wind today even though it's only five or six miles an hour. When you're not playing it and it's up there, it will hurt you. But, no, again, I was very, very proud and pleased with the way I finished the tournament after bogeying the first hole today to get a respectable week.

Q. The game is in good stead, I would say, just by watching you play the last four days.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, thank you. I hit every fairway today which I couldn't tell you I was probably 12 the last time I did that, so. I know it's Kapalua, but as soon as I hit that tee shot on 18 I high-fived Jimmy because that's a pretty big accomplishment for me so hopefully that will go on to next week.

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