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April 19, 2004

Rainer Schuettler


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. How does it feel to have a great win against such a player in Monte-Carlo?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: It's always good to win matches. Here, against Guga, like he was the favorite, so...even though I'm seeded 4. But against him on clay, he was former No. 1, he won French Open a few times, so he was the favorite today. It was little bit easier for me to go on court. I didn't have pressure. So I just was trying to play well, even though I was sick for the last four or five days. And, yeah, but I'm happy that I won. I'm a little bit lucky that he made mistakes in the important points. And, yeah, I'm happy that I won.

Q. What kind of sickness did you have?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: I had a flu. Like fever, cold, cough.

Q. You feel good now?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: I feel better. I wouldn't say I feel "good," but I feel better, yes.

Q. You had a very tough start of the season. Do you think that you are putting your game together now?

RAINER SCHUETTLER: I think my game was always there. It's just that I lost some close matches, and that's it. I mean, I didn't make the important points. Last year I did it, I was lucky in the important situations. And, yeah, this year I had matchpoint in Key Biscayne, lost 7-6 in the third. I lost 6-4, Australian Open in the fifth. So I had some tough matches. But I think my tennis is well, and I hope I get healthy again soon, yeah, and that I continue here playing well.

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