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January 5, 2019

Dylan Moses

Santa Clara, California

Q. Dylan, what is it like to be an Alabama linebacker playing in the national championship?
DYLAN MOSES: It's a great feeling. It comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to be a leader to be able to lead the defense, make the calls, make the plays. Being able to be in this position, it's a blessing. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Q. When you look across the side watching film, see the type of players Clemson has, you look at a team and think these guys are here ready to play?
DYLAN MOSES: Right. Whenever I look at Clemson, like I said, they resemble an SEC team. They have a lot of talent. Their quarterback is really talented. They have a really great linebacker from Louisiana, same like me. They're just a really great team overall and I'm ready to face them.

Q. What ultimately made you decide you wanted to go to Alabama?
DYLAN MOSES: It was more so about stability. I knew Coach Saban was going to be here for all my years in college. I wanted to be surrounded by great players, be coached by great coaches. I wanted to evolve over time.

This program I know would help me do that.

Q. (Question about working out at different positions.)
DYLAN MOSES: I'm really comfortable with it. Like I said, just from my team being at 'Bama, I've been switched at many positions. It's nothing new for me. I'm just ready to get in that position.

Q. You worked out at nickel. Are you ready for never leaving the field?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. Like, whatever position coaches need me to do, I'll do it. I don't have any limitations on my ability. I just want to be able to help my team.

Q. How much has Christian helped you with that role?
DYLAN MOSES: Yeah, Christian really has helped me out a lot. I played it but a different position. I played Mack instead of Buck. Being able to move back to Buck, I haven't played that since my freshman year. Like I said, it's been going smoothly.

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: It wouldn't surprise me. The guy is a senior. He wants to go out with a bang, play in his final game. It wouldn't surprise me.

Q. What has the process been like for you at Alabama?
DYLAN MOSES: It's been like up and down. Like I said, it's not easy being over here. I expected it to be hard once I made my decision to come to Alabama. It's been everything I expected.

At the point I'm at right now, I feel like I made strides. I'm right where I want to be. I still have a lot more room for improvement.

Q. What challenges did you face?
DYLAN MOSES: Just the mental part, having to learn the plays, be acclimated into the defense. That was really the main part. That's what really made it tough for me.

Once I got acclimated, learned the plays, it was easier.

Q. Anything about the process that surprised you?
DYLAN MOSES: Not really. When they said the playbook is the hardest thing you would have to learn once you got into the program, they were telling the truth, you know what I'm saying. Once they got that done and down pat, everything else was easy.

Q. How do you see other guys on your team navigate with ups and downs?
DYLAN MOSES: Right. That's the thing, whenever you're a top recruit coming in, you are going to have to be able to humble yourself to know it's going to be hard. They're going to push me to my limits, it's not going to be easy. It's one of those things where you have to come in not really with a chip on your shoulder, but be ready to learn, be ready to grow. Once you get to that point where it's your time, you know it's your time.

Q. How much do the coaches humble you?
DYLAN MOSES: A lot, especially when you have a lot of expectations on you. If you're a highly recruited player, they're going to be on you more so they can challenge you, make you into a better player.

Q. How hard did you have to work last year to earn your spot?
DYLAN MOSES: I worked hard, a lot. I was in the film room a lot trying to learn the plays, doing extra after practice, watching to see what I made mistakes on, doing the little things. That's what helped me be able to get my position at the end of the season last year, to be able to start.

Q. You played a lot of good runningbacks over the years. How does Etienne stack up?
DYLAN MOSES: He's a really great runningback. He's fast, efficient, good body movement. Like I say, he's from my home state. Like I say, he's a really great runningback. Like I said, just as far as him as an individual, he really could fit in as an SEC runningback if he wanted to. For him to be over there at Clemson, that's a blessing for him. Like I say, he's going to be a real challenge for us.

Q. Did you play against him in high school?
DYLAN MOSES: He was in a different class than I was, so...

Q. (Question about Clemson's offense.)
DYLAN MOSES: It prepares me a lot going up against Damien and Josh, Najee, the rest of the runningbacks in our stable. It prepares us a lot. There was a lot of big backs. Being able to go up against them, run them down, gets us really prepared for Travis.

Q. (Question about Trevor Lawrence.)
DYLAN MOSES: First we just want to look at the fact that he can throw the ball. We want to focus on that aspect. Whenever we look at his running ability, you know we don't want to take away from the fact that he can't run, you know what I'm saying. He's a great passer, but at the same time we want to be able to get coached for his ability to run.

Q. Right before you take the field on Monday, what will you be listening to?
DYLAN MOSES: Probably just, like, some '70s R&B, '80s R&B. I'm not the type to listen to a lot of rap music. Prince, yeah. I'm not the type to listen to a lot of rap music. I'm very calm, soothing person.

Q. Calm before the storm?
DYLAN MOSES: Right, right.

Q. What do you think Nick Saban is going to listen to before the game?
DYLAN MOSES: Shoot. I don't even know, man. I couldn't tell you.

Q. Everyone has been talking about Clemson playing Alabama for the fourth time in a row. What are your thoughts in general?
DYLAN MOSES: Me personally, if you're a real football fan, you're going to watch the game. If you have a passion for the game, you're going to watch it. For me, it doesn't matter. It's my first time playing against Clemson. It's a big-time game, national championship. I'm just ready to go out there, lay it all out for my team. It's a big opportunity.

Q. Who do you feel the worst team in the NFL is, you would play in the national championship if you had a chance?
DYLAN MOSES: I don't know, man. That's a hard question. I don't really think that's a good question for me to even answer (laughter).

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: Man, he's a big brother to me. We're close. Been knowing him since before my recruiting process, since my recruiting process. Getting into Alabama, he took me under his wing. Always used to have deep conversations, talking about our futures and stuff, what we want. Like I said, he just showed me really the way to make it through Alabama, become successful in the program.

Being able to have that type of relationship with him, being able to grow and prosper with him, that was amazing to me. That's why I chose to use his number.

Q. Who is the King of R&B? The fans want to know.
DYLAN MOSES: Shoot, I don't know. That's a hard question. I mean, a lot of people would expect me to say R. Kelly. His name not too high, right? I don't know, there's a lot of great artists out there. I listen to Teddy Pendergrass.

Q. How tough is it getting ready for an offense that's so balanced?
DYLAN MOSES: It's very hard. At the same time we've had the time to be able to prepare for them. It's just like going against Oklahoma, they were a balanced offense. Being able to prepare for them was hard, too. At the same time the looks we got in practice from our offense going against guys like that every single day, that will help us at the end of the day being able to prepare for Clemson.

Q. You embrace the film room. Where does that sort of preparation come from?
DYLAN MOSES: It's really just more so when you prepare, you feel more so comfortable whenever you're on the field playing against the team. The more you know about the team, the players, the more comfortable you are. When you go out there, don't know anything, you're anxiety goes through the roof. You just overthink a lot of things.

If you're comfortable in your defense, you know the other team, you're comfortable with it, you go into the game fine, comfortable.

Q. Is it particularly satisfying playing on the field, we saw that on tape?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. It's a very exciting feeling because at the same time, whenever you're going over something over and over and over again, you visualize yourself make a play. You make the play when the game come, that's a great feeling.

Q. What is the weirdest question you've ever gotten?
DYLAN MOSES: The weirdest question? I don't know, I've taken a lot of interviews. I don't really remember the questions.

Q. Not one weird question you've ever gotten?
DYLAN MOSES: No. Most of the questions I've ever gotten were mainly about football. Not really.

Q. Anybody ever ask you to sign something weird?
DYLAN MOSES: Nah. Now that I think about it, not really.

Q. How do you plan neutralizing the Clemson run?
DYLAN MOSES: We have to make them one-dimensional. They're a very balanced offense, so you take away one part of their game, make it easier for us and our defense to be able to get them off the field on third down. It's going to be hard, but I feel like we're going to be able to do it.

Q. What kind of strategy do you take against them?
DYLAN MOSES: It's really just executing our plays, having confidence in our coaches, that they're going to call the right plays in the red zone for whenever that time comes.

Like I said, it really boils down to executing. We handle our business in that part of the game, we're going to be good.

Q. How important is it to make sure that Clemson doesn't stay on the field?
DYLAN MOSES: It's going to be real important. You know what I'm saying. Whenever we played Oklahoma, we tried to keep their offense off the field as much as we could. I feel like we were successful with that for the most part.

But I just feel like in this game, we just have to finish, must finish stronger, do what we're supposed to do and execute. That's the main thing.

Q. What is the plan for today?
DYLAN MOSES: It's really just relaxing, going over our plays more, not really putting too much on our plate that we can bear. You know what I'm saying. Just go in the game, play our game. Don't do too much or too little, do just right, whatever the coaches need us to do.

Q. Talk about your role, how this season has unfolded for you.
DYLAN MOSES: Just the beginning of the season, I was getting my feet wet, just as a starter, a full-time starter at that. I think I was a little, like, nervous at first because I never really had that position before where everybody was depending on me at that point. I have, but not to the extent where it was for, like, the full season.

As the season progressed, I got more comfortable making the play calls, just playing ball the way I usually do it. At this point of the season, I feel like I'm myself. I feel like I'm doing what I am supposed to, feel like I'm helping my team.

Q. You and Mack, how much on the same page do you have to be?
DYLAN MOSES: Me and Mack, it's really a 1-2 punch type of thing. I try to help him out as much as I can. He's really the leader of the defense. I'm like his backup in a sense where he makes the calls, I echo it. Like I said, I try to help him out as much as I can. I do what I do. If he doesn't know something, I probably know it. If I don't know something, he'll know it. We'll try and bounce off of each other. That's how we're successful.

Q. Did you notice that chemistry getting better and better as the year went on?
DYLAN MOSES: Of course. Me and Mack has always been close. On the field, we try to work off of each other, make plays. If he's not there to make the play, I'm there. If I'm not there, he's there. That's how we try to do it.

Q. Was there a point in the season you could notice that kind of coming together?
DYLAN MOSES: It was really probably about the third game of the season. Like I said, first two games, it was kind of like we were trying to get used to each other. By the third game, we were good.

Q. (Question about the offense.)
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. Me and Mack has always been close. He's a great guy. That transition over the field, that helped us tremendously when it came to making play calls, being there for each other on the field as far as making plays and stuff.

I feel like it's been great.

Q. Favorite thing you do outside of practice together?
DYLAN MOSES: Not really. Me, I'm really a homebody. I don't really go out too much. Whenever I see him at the facility, we'll have our conversations, laugh and joke around and stuff. As far as like the linebacker group, we'll go to our coach's home, hang out with our coach and stuff, just like that, eat wings, watch TV. Other than that, I'm to myself.

Q. What does Trevor Lawrence bring?
DYLAN MOSES: He brings a lot as far as his passing game. He has a really great arm on him. He can be mobile, but at the same time we're more focused on his arm. Like I said, he's very accurate, too. If we don't handle our assignments, we don't execute, he can damage us.

Of course, there are two different types of quarterbacks. One is mobile, can throw. One uses his arm more. You want to put more pressure on him to make him uncomfortable, get him out of his game. I feel like that's really one of the main things in order to deal with that type of quarterback.

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: I really just helped him with the plays. I know it's very, like, stressful coming into this type of program because it's hard. Nothing here is easy. I knew for him being out of state, kind of like how I was, it was going to be hard regardless. I tried to step in as kind of like a big brother role, help him fulfill what he needed.

Q. Did you know he was going to make a difference on special teams early?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. I had to do the same thing. I told him, Do whatever you got to do. Find a way on the field. That's the first thing. If you're doing what you're supposed to do, you're making progress, showing the coaches that you want to play, they're going to find a way to put you on the field.

Q. (Question about Xavier.)
DYLAN MOSES: Just like in the plays, last year we were both kind of struggling in that aspect, trying to learn the plays and whatnot. This year, he's doing what he got to do. He's balling, you know what I'm saying. That just shows his growth from last year to this year. He really did put in a lot of work over the summer, throughout fall camp. Feel like everything he's getting right now, he deserve it.

Q. How are you feeling comfortable with the plays?
DYLAN MOSES: I'm very comfortable with it. At first it was kind of hard because, like I said, it was new to me. It was stressful trying to learn it. Like I said, once I got it, it stick to me. Now I know it like the back of my hand.

Q. How long did it take you?
DYLAN MOSES: About 11 months, yeah.

Q. You played outside linebacker last year. Do you feel like you picked up the new position like last year?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. Like I said, I haven't played that position in about a year. Having to play it now, I learned it all over again. It was hard for me at first. Now it's, like, I'm good. It's kind of like the same plays from last year. I feel like I'll be good in that position.

Q. When did you start repping that position again?
DYLAN MOSES: When Christian got hurt.

Q. Do you feel confident in your linebacker depth right now?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. I feel very confident because we have guys that we can depend on, guys that know the plays. I feel like they're all handling their business in order to execute what we got to do.

Q. Talk about next season.
DYLAN MOSES: Next season, like I said, it's going to be one of those things where I'm going to have to be a leader, step up for the defense. I'm ready for that. That's what I've been preparing myself for. Like I tell everyone that's close to me, there's a time and place for everything. That's going to be the time for me to step up, try to lead everyone in the right direction.

Q. The guys you've been around in your career, who have you looked to that modeled that?
DYLAN MOSES: Really Anthony Jennings, Rashaan Evans, Shaun Dion Hamilton, Reuben Foster. Watching those guys doing it whenever I was a recruit onto a player in the program, being able to watch those guys, those are great examples of leaders that led the team. I feel like I want to do what they've done, if not better, so.

Q. How much of a threat do you feel Clemson's quarterback is?
DYLAN MOSES: Trevor is a very accurate quarterback, he can throw the ball. He has a dangerous arm. I feel like he's a threat to our secondary because he reads defenses well.

Like I say, for him to be so young, he's really good. Like I say, we just have to go in the game and execute.

Q. (Question about IMG.)
DYLAN MOSES: Yeah, right. Whenever I was there, he was a freshman when I was a junior.

Q. He talked about playing behind you.
DYLAN MOSES: Yeah, so... Whenever I was there, he was still trying to learn the position. For him to be in the position to be going to Clemson, making his dreams come true, I'm happy for him. Like I say, he's come a long way from whenever he was sitting behind me as a freshman. I'm proud of him.

Q. How much does Lawrence make them different?
DYLAN MOSES: He puts a tempo to the offense. Like I say, he adds a lot to their passing game. I think he adds a lot more to their game just in general, making the game more balanced, as well. As far as the passing game, running game, too. He makes the offense more dangerous.

Q. Look very different than last year.
DYLAN MOSES: Of course. Like I said, it's going to be one of those things where we're going to have to make them one-dimensional this year. Feel like we can take away one of those things, it's going to be a great challenge.

Q. (Question about Trevor Lawrence.)
DYLAN MOSES: We're going to have to make him uncomfortable. With him being a freshman, that's a major thing because a lot of people can't handle pressure like that. But I'm not going to go into the game expecting that. He's going to be, like, edgy or whatnot, kind of shaken up because it's a big game. I'm pretty sure he played in a lot of big games this season.

We're going to have to take him out of his zone.

Q. (Question about playing for the national championship.)
DYLAN MOSES: I feel like it's a great rivalry. Like I say, this is my first time playing against Clemson. I could have played against them last year, but I got hurt during bowl season last year. This is my first year.

It's going to be a fun game.

Q. Do you think Media Day is a fun event?
DYLAN MOSES: Yeah, of course. Being at Media Day, people can ask you any type of question they want. They can come up and asking anything involving the game, involving yourself. It's free access to everything. It's cool.

Q. Have you ever been asked a question that you've been, What the heck? I can't really answer that?
DYLAN MOSES: I don't know, man. Like I say, I told another reporter this a couple minutes ago. I've been getting interviews since I was in eighth grade. If I have, I probably don't remember the question.

Q. Did you ever have a huge interview with someone you really enjoyed being interviewed by, did a good job?
DYLAN MOSES: Let me think. I had a couple interviews over ESPN when I was younger, when I was actually on live television. Other than that, that was pretty much it.

Q. One game away from being national champions. You worked hard to get here this year.
DYLAN MOSES: Of course. This is one of the long time dreams for me. Me getting hurt last year, I don't feel like I contributed to the point I wanted to, play the entire season, be healthy, lead my team to a championship game. It's a great feeling. To come out on top would even be greater.

Q. Since you were 12 years old, every college football program in the country had eyes on you. You seemed like a bit of a prodigy. What does it mean now that you're going to be an integral part of this game? Everything you could have imagined when you were in high school?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. Like, whenever I was 14, all the schools coming after me, this is like something I always dreamed about, like something I envisioned over and over and over in my head, how it would play out, the things I wanted to do.

Feel like being at Alabama, that was really one of the main things, one of the main places that could help me make my dreams come true as far as playing in a championship, being surrounded by great players, great coaches. It's been fun.

Q. You're dealing with an offense that's dynamic sideline to sideline.
DYLAN MOSES: Like I said, as far as Trevor Lawrence, he's a great quarterback. He has a great arm. It doesn't surprise me for him to come in and be able to do what he's doing. Like I say, just being able to watch him, he has the intangibles to be an even greater player, make history at Clemson.

Like I said, just going into this game, I feel like in order to take him off, we have to make him uncomfortable, put a lot of pressure on him, execute the plays that's called.

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: As far as him as a player, I feel like he's a great player. Just facing him, it's going to be one of those things where we're going to have to make Clemson one-dimensional, take one of their best games away from them, run or pass. Going against Etienne, we're going to have to be on our toes, make sure that we stay disciplined, tackle, wrap-up, no arm tackles. It's going to be a hard-fought, physical game. Just got to execute.

Q. Walk us through the linebacker room. You've really grown this year. What's this year been like for you and your group of brothers in the locker room?
DYLAN MOSES: Like I say, it's been up and down. Especially in the beginning of the season, we were still trying to learn each other. Once we got comfortable, things got better. Communication has been a big thing for us. I feel like it's really helped our defense from beginning to end. I feel like that's going to be a big factor in the game, communication. We're all on the same page, we execute, the outcome of our game is going to be in our hands.

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: A crayon box?

Q. What color would you invent?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, damn. I never even thought about that.

Q. Off the top of your head, what do you love?
DYLAN MOSES: Chocolate. Probably chocolate caramel.

Q. Who would win in a fight Batman or Spiderman and a reason why?
DYLAN MOSES: I feel like Batman would probably win that battle, mainly because he's very intelligent, he has a lot of gadgets. Spiderman has strength and spiderwebs, but I don't feel like that can match up against Batman's gadgets and whatnot.

Q. What stands out about Clemson's offense?
DYLAN MOSES: It's really just their passing game. They can distribute the ball very well. They have a really good quarterback in Trevor Lawrence. He has a really strong arm. He's big, tall, he can see over the offensive line. You don't really see too many quarterbacks like him too often.

I feel like going against him will be a challenge.

Q. As a freshman, was Tua an example to you?
DYLAN MOSES: You can see all that on film. Being able to go against Tua in practice, when he was a freshman, we saw it on film. We saw it in practice life. Being able to see that, see what Trevor Lawrence is doing, man, it's crazy.

He doesn't look like a freshman. Looks like he's a fifth-year senior.

Q. What about their running game, Etienne?
DYLAN MOSES: Travis is a very efficient runner. He's a great runningback. Like I say, just watching his running style, the way he plays in the games, he's very physical, he's fast. Like I say, he's going to be a threat to our defense. If we can make Clemson one-dimensional, it's going to be easier for us.

Q. What was the key last year having success against the offense?
DYLAN MOSES: It was really just taking away the run. Like I say, taking away the run, forcing them to pass the ball. I feel like forcing them to pass the ball, that's what helped us out playing in that game.

Q. (Question about the line of scrimmage.)
DYLAN MOSES: I didn't play in that game. From watching it on YouTube, the replays and stuff, I feel like they dominated pretty well. Like I said, they made them one-dimensional, stopped the run. They couldn't really do nothing against them last year. They forced them to pass. Our guys defended the pass really well. I feel like that's what really helped us.

Q. (Question about Christian.)
DYLAN MOSES: It will help a lot. If he couldn't, I'm happy to step up in his place and be able to take up the role at Buck, handle the play. It's no biggy.

He hasn't really been practicing. He's just been resting his legs, just been getting treatment and stuff. I mean, he deserves that, being able to get time to himself, nurse himself back into the game. If he gets back, I'll be happy.

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: Yeah, yeah, of course. That was always a goal for me. I always wanted to be, like, the leading tackle on this defense because I know how hard it is to get tackles and stuff because our defensive line, everything stopped up front.

For me to have that honor, it's great. It's an achievement. I'm still striving for more, so...

Q. How different is it this year now that you will play?
DYLAN MOSES: It's more so like a goal that I'm trying to achieve. I always wanted to play in the SEC Championship, I always wanted to play in the playoff games, national championship. It's more of like a goal. Going into this game, playing my best game, have everyone on the same page, we come out on top, I feel like that would be another goal accomplished for me.

Q. Is this pretty much what you had in mind?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. This is exactly what I had in mind. I made a lot of sacrifices in choosing to come to Alabama over LSU. Another big sacrifice that I had. Being able to do that and accomplish all my goals, be in a place where I want to be at now, it's a great feeling, so...

Q. Do people treat you like you want to be treated in Louisiana?
DYLAN MOSES: I really have to go in, go in with tunnel vision type mindset, not really focus on all the things that could take me off my game. It would have been very easy playing in front of everybody I grew up with, just my hometown.

Q. You committed so young. Looking back on it, do you wish you had waited to think about it a little more? Did you get caught up in the moment?
DYLAN MOSES: Not really. I mean, I had pretty much an idea of what I wanted to do at that age. I had a really good relationship with Coach Miles at the same time. I knew I wanted to play with him. I always said, they fire Coach Miles, I wasn't going to go there. That's pretty much what happened.

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: In the restroom, that was probably the restroom. You're on a toilet, and next thing you know someone is saying, Roll Tide.

Q. Were you in the stall?
DYLAN MOSES: I was washing my hands, someone from the stalls said it. I heard it out the restroom. It was funny, man. That was probably the funniest moment ever.

Q. Is there a situation that Roll Tides are completely off limits?
DYLAN MOSES: Not really. It's kind of like a hello and a good-bye. You say it in any type of situation or whatever. It's kind of like a different language.

Q. At funerals, anything like that?
DYLAN MOSES: Pretty much (laughter).

Q. Everything is a go?
DYLAN MOSES: Of course, of course.

Q. Where was that, the restroom?
DYLAN MOSES: It was like a restaurant on campus. I'm assuming the person seen me through the stall. Yeah, that was it.

Q. If Alabama was a company...
DYLAN MOSES: It would either be Microsoft or Apple. That's what I would say. Being a part of the Alabama program, it's like a big business. It has a lot of great coaches here, a lot of great players. I don't know, man, it's just different. It's different from any other, like, program in the country, man. People wonder why we're so good. They work us very hard. Like I said, it's not easy here.

If you have a plan, you have a goal, coming into Alabama, you work hard, you accept the process, then you going to get what you came for.

Q. You mentioned Apple. That's fairly technical.
DYLAN MOSES: Yeah, of course.

Q. Do you see the same from Alabama football, innovation?
DYLAN MOSES: Of course. Just like Alabama, it's its own world. You don't see too many people doing what we do. Like I say, Coach Saban is in a world of his own. Like I say, he's a great coach. I love playing for him. He made me into the player I always wanted to be. I'm still growing, so...

Q. (Question about Tua.)
DYLAN MOSES: It feels good. It's funny, because we both came in at the same time. We both graduated high school early. I remember coming in with Tua in January 2017. We were all close. We're still close. Just funny, everyone saying we're all the leaders and stuff. I remember when we were coming in just as kids, looking up to everybody else.

It's a great feeling.

Q. That would have been not even two years ago?

Q. Do you feel like you made this position yourself quickly, being a leader?
DYLAN MOSES: I always knew it could happen. It was always a dream for me to be in this position. Like I said, I made a lot of sacrifices to be here. In order for me to be in the position now, it's a blessing.

Q. Do you feel like change happens quickly in this program?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, it does. It does. It's a lot of opportunities in this program for coaches and players. Change does happen. It's one of those things where you have to be comfortable with it, so...

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: Everybody is very excited. On a scale from 1 to 10, everybody is about a 12, breaking the scale. At the same time you probably wouldn't be able to tell because everyone is, like, very calm, very at ease. We're not really trying to put too much on the game. Just want to go into the game, play our best, do what we have to do.

Q. What is Media Day like for you?
DYLAN MOSES: It's fun, being able to answer questions that people have. Like I said, we don't really get that much time to be around, like, the people for them to ask the questions they want to ask. I feel like that's good for outsiders.

Q. Do you think you'll savor this moment?
DYLAN MOSES: Oh, yeah, of course. Not a lot of kids, not a lot of players are able to be in this position, playing for a national championship. I feel like being able to be in this position, like I said, it's a blessing. Take it head on.

Q. How do you think you'll say previous experiences into this matchup?
DYLAN MOSES: Like I say, this is my first time playing against Clemson. I wouldn't know about any of the past experiences playing against Clemson.

Watching their film, we're going to have to be on our Ps and Qs, be ready to play them, put a lot of pressure on this quarterback to make him uncomfortable to come out with a W, so...

Q. (Question about coming to Alabama.)
DYLAN MOSES: Not really. It's really one of those things where we knew we wanted to play with the best players. Talking to them, coming together was one of the major things. I think our recruiting class is the number one recruiting class coming in. We wanted to make history. We wanted to do something that wasn't done before.

I feel like our class has made strides. We've done a lot of great things.

Q. It's not a place for everybody. What does that mean?
DYLAN MOSES: It's just like this place will challenge you. It will challenge you physically and mentally. A lot of kids growing up don't really have that mental strength enough to deal with this type of heat. You'll come in top player in the country, be riding the bench the first year. It's one of those things. If you're not used to that, you probably want to leave. You'll be doubting yourself, go into some type of emotional depression.

Like I say, it's hard. If you can have the mental strength to be able to withstand it, know it's going to help you later on in the future, developing you as a player, you'll be good at the end.

Q. You probably were used to being the best player. What was it like when you got to Alabama?
DYLAN MOSES: It wasn't really eye opening for me. I went to IMG Academy my senior year. I was surrounded by great players there. Even there, like, they still looked at me as the best player. I didn't really look at it that way because I seen my teammates, I was like, Man, I'm surrounded by some really great players. I never really looked at it like that.

I feel like IMG helped prepare me for coming to the Alabama. Whenever I got here, I had to, like, sit and basically learn the plays, sit behind a first rounder, it was a good experience for me because I knew I had to learn. When it was my time, it was my time.

Q. (Question about IMG.)
DYLAN MOSES: It wasn't really hard for me. I have a lot of loved ones back home, but at the same time I'm a planner. I like being organized. I like doing things that's going to set me up for the future.

I really made that decision on my own. I spoke to my parents about it, told them that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to graduate high school early. I told them that that was something I wanted to do. They agreed to it. They let me go.

Q. Did they approach you or you approached them?
DYLAN MOSES: I approached them about it. IMG actually wanted me to come my freshman year of high school. My mom thought I was too young. When my junior year came up, I brought it back up.

Q. Who would be the highest rated player on your defense?
DYLAN MOSES: If I had to rate myself on NCAA, I would probably be a 95 or 96.

Q. Does that put you in the number one spot on the defense?
DYLAN MOSES: I don't know. I feel like there would be a lot of guys in the 90s on our defense, so... I don't know. That's a hard one right there.

Q. (Question about graduating early.)
DYLAN MOSES: Whenever I had my daughter, she was still in her mom's room at that time. I wanted to step up and be able to provide. I wanted to get out of high school, be able to get into college so I could start making my dreams come true early.

Made a decision, left home, went to IMG Academy so I could graduate early. That's what happened with that.

Q. How many guys in the class did that?
DYLAN MOSES: In my class at IMG?

Q. At Alabama.
DYLAN MOSES: I think it was like, what, 17. I don't even know. Probably about 17 or 15 guys that did it, graduated early.

Q. Do you feel like that's the norm now?
DYLAN MOSES: Yeah, of course. Guys want to get into school early so they can be able to just develop themselves as a player, develop themselves overall, help them get ready for their upcoming season. I feel like it's the thing.

Q. Do you have to throw out how you played against Clemson last year?
DYLAN MOSES: Pretty much. Trevor is a different type of quarterback than Kelly Bryant was. We have to go into this game with a different mindset because they're entirely a different team. We have to come in with our A game.

Q. You didn't play them last year. Did you expect you're going to meet Clemson at some point?
DYLAN MOSES: I mean, you can't really expect it. There's a lot of things that can happen. Like I say, Clemson is a great program. Like I said, the way college football is, a lot of things could happen, a lot of teams could lose or win. It's one of those things where you got to wait till this time of the year to see what's going to happen.

Q. How would you compare the intensity against a team you played against before or...
DYLAN MOSES: It's not really a different feeling because, like I say, Clemson, they could be an SEC team if they wanted to be. Being able to play against them, like I say, it's going to be a very hard, physical game. We're going to have to bring our A game, be prepared for them properly.

Q. Where will this game be won?
DYLAN MOSES: On the line of scrimmage, starts up front. Our defensive line could put pressure on their quarterback, our offensive line could protect whatever quarterback is in for our game, we'll be great.

Q. Players at the Alabama program, it's just about winning. We've seen an emotional side, a fun side. Talk about that side.
DYLAN MOSES: I mean, being at Alabama, it's really a great feeling. Like I say, it's about winning. Everybody wants to win. At the same time it's about relationships. Our staff, the players, everyone is really close-knit. It's really more so like a family.

We all take care of each other, you know. Really the whole city of Tuscaloosa, we're all close. It's really like a close-knit family. Being able to be there, everyone is helping each other out.

Q. (Question about Trevor Lawrence.)
DYLAN MOSES: It's his ability to throw. He's a really good thrower. Seems like he reads defenses well. For him to have those intangibles as a young quarterback says he's going to have a really great future.

Like I say, he's just great overall.

Q. When did you first have a perception that this is the guy at Clemson, in what part of the season?
DYLAN MOSES: I wasn't really paying too much attention about it, to it. Whenever Kelly Bryant left, Trevor Lawrence became, like, the starting quarterback, I guess that's when everyone knew that was going to be their guy.

Q. Are you surprised he's done so well at such a young age?
DYLAN MOSES: I'm not really surprised. If you got it, you got it. He has all the intangibles to be a great quarterback. That's what they're using him over there for.

Q. (No microphone.)
DYLAN MOSES: I'm very comfortable with it. I played multiple positions throughout the season, since I've gotten here. It's nothing new to me.

Q. How much more understanding do you have this year compared to last year?
DYLAN MOSES: It's a lot to grasp. Things could change a lot. You have to be ready for that. You have to be ready for drastic change. Coaches want you to play certain positions just because of a package and stuff. Like I say, it's one of those things where you got to be comfortable with it.

Q. Have you always wanted to be in that game, so to speak?
DYLAN MOSES: I always wanted to play in a game like this. That's why I came here. Being able to play in this game means a lot to me, it's a dream for me. Like I said, being able to help my team get a win...

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