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January 4, 2019

Cameron Champ

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. Talk about today. 2-under the first day, 5-under today. Are you more pleased today, obviously?
CAMERON CHAMP: Definitely. Especially with the wind conditions. I feel like it was blowing a little bit harder today. I just tightened it up off the tee. That was kind of where I really struggled yesterday. I hit a lot more quality shots today and made some good putts.

Q. I saw you go to the range right after the round yesterday. What were you working on yesterday?
CAMERON CHAMP: It was just setup. In this wind you tend to want to hit low shots and I just got too far. My setup was too far to the left side. So I just worked on that for a bit and left and that was it.

Q. What are you learning about this golf course as you played a practice round, now two competitive rounds. What are you learning every time you play?
CAMERON CHAMP: Obviously different lines because it's starting to firm up a lot more, especially on 18 today. 17. So you have a basic kind of clubs we're going to hit on certain tees and depending upon the wind situations. But it definitely firms out. The greens too as well, so we just have to be cautious of that.

Q. On 18, it's such a famous hole and you had an iron in your hand today. Did you have to aim it farther right? What are you learning about the 18th second shot?
CAMERON CHAMP: Well, the wind's hard because it was swirling downwind and cross, so even with the more club in case the wind kind of came back across, just pulled it a little bit. But, yeah, definitely have to get it on the far right side, especially to that pin to kind of have any chance to get it back there and obviously I pulled mine left and put it in the bunker.

Q. Hey, tell us this. We're on the radio, obviously, but our listeners, they have seen you on TV, they read about you in Golf Digest, they have seen the swing sequence. What are your two or three keys to your swing? When you're up there, especially with a driver, what are you trying to really focus on?
CAMERON CHAMP: Setup for me, just feel like I'm kind of behind the ball, my take away extremely slow, long take away, and then try to feel kind of a slight pause at the top and then from there I can just go. So versus yesterday when I was sitting on my left side, I get short in the back swing and quick, it's hard to kind of square the face at impact. So I kind of went out on the range and obviously those are my three key thoughts on those.

Q. How many drivers do you hit out here during a round? How many do you hit off the tee?
CAMERON CHAMP: A lot. A majority of the holes this week. The only holes I hit 3-wood, I hit 3-wood on 17. Today I hit an iron on I think it was 14 because of the wind. Besides that it's majority driver.

Q. How would you assess your round out there today?
CAMERON CHAMP: It was very successful. A lot better off the tee today. I cleaned a few things up, mainly just with setup. That was all it really was. Kept it in good spots on the greens, made some good putts, and it was a good day.

Q. How difficult were the conditions out there, a little different than yesterday?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it was difficult at times just because it would swirl. It would be down and then it would be cross, kind of into, so we were just trying to go with our gut and go with the normal wind. But besides that the course is in great shape.

Q. Did you have, I know they talked about maybe balls oscillating on the green. Did that come up at all today?
CAMERON CHAMP: Slightly, but it's, I had one incident, I think it was on maybe 13. When I was putting my ball down it was kind of moving around a little bit, but besides that not really.

Q. You talked about your setup. Yesterday was maybe a little bit of rust. Heading into today do you feel maybe you're getting into the flow of competition a little bit more?
CAMERON CHAMP: It wasn't really rust. It was just windy conditions. You always want to hit knockdown shots and you just kind of get far on your left side and for me that's just impossible to hit a golf shot. So obviously during while I'm playing I don't really realize it too much. Now obviously that's a key thing I am going to stay focused on. I just really have to stay back a little bit and let the hips rotate and I fixed that today and had a good result.

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