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October 3, 2002

Sandy Lyle


Q. Comments on the round?

SANDY LYLE: Pretty steady start, level par after nine, then came back in three under, got it to four under and bogeyed the 17th which was a little disappointing because I hit two long hits with a two iron just short of the green and took three putts from the front. All sorts of clubbing thought went through my mind but I decided to putt it, maybe not the right one but got it within ten feet and missed. Then at the last I hit a good drive within 85 yards of the pin downwind and didn't convert that either to a birdie so finishing par-birdie would have made a huge difference at five under par but other than that it was pretty solid. But anything under par on this course is good and the wind picked up a little bit after we started so it is tricky in places.

Q. You said you were in America during the Ryder Cup?

SANDY LYLE: Yes sitting round a bar in San Antonio with about 20 other US Tour players, felt a little out of position but I came back with flying colours!

Q. Would you think of succeeding Sam as Ryder Cup captain?

SANDY LYLE: I did think about it quite a bit, yes and no I would say, but I would think that Sam might do it again after that. If he likes doing it and seems to enjoy doing it, why not keep going. I don't know from the players themselves how good Sam was behind the scenes but I gather he talked to one of the football managers in how to perform as a team and he obviously had success in that.

Q. What was the feeling like when you watched the Ryder Cup in America, were they subdued or what?

SANDY LYLE: They were just sort of saying that they kicked our butts, they putted well, they American guys weren't holing the putts. They were playing well enough, whether the greens were too slow for them or not I don' know, even Tiger missed a few from the ones I saw.

Q. What are the reasons you wouldn't want to be captain?

SANDY LYLE: I am playing in America quite a bit so it would be hard to keep an eye on future team players. I have contracts with my sponsors so I really have to play in America so there would have to be a lot of thought go into it first.

Q. Are you still in the top 40 career money winners on the European Tour?

SANDY LYLE: I don't know, I must be very close (to dropping out). After this I am playing the Lancome Trophy and that's it. If I dropped out? I'd have to write to Ken! Get sponsors invites of some sort.

Q. You would think that would happen?

SANDY LYLE: Well you never know these days with the young ones coming up.

Q. It didn't happen in America of course?

SANDY LYLE: No it didn't. I had very thin pickings over there.

Q. This season overall for you?

SANDY LYLE: It has been a bit annoying because I felt that my quality of ball striking overall has improved quite a bit which raises your spirits but the end results, the weekend golf, has not been good. I've missed five cuts in a row now and I really played quite nicely but have not put the numbers on the board. Some of it has been bad decisions or bad luck, hitting trees and going out of bounds and things like that. Playing par fives badly, in America last week I was five over for the par fives for the two days. It wasn't taking gambles or anything across water, it was just like hitting a tree and the ball would drop behind another tree and it all kind of snowballs. Hit your drive into a bunker, can't get out very well, which leaves you a long third shot, stuff like that, scrappy, just not making birdies.

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