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January 2, 2019

Andy Murray

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


7-5, 6-2

Q. Andy, obviously not the result that you wanted in that match, but what are Taya ways from your second outing this season?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean I think he served extremely well. Didn't really get many chances on his service games. And then on my own service games I made a few too many errors in the rallies, especially early on I was trying to play a little bit more offensive. In the second set I made a few too many mistakes, and obviously there was a period in the match from 5-5 where I lost six games in a row.

And I think when you obviously play better players, I mean he's 15 in the world or so. Just know he's a top player. Had a really good season last year. They will expose any errors that you make in your game or any shots that you're not hitting particularly well. And he did that tonight.

Q. How are you feeling after that one?
ANDY MURRAY: Okay. Not perfect, but that was also the case yesterday as well. And I'm not expecting to feel great all of the time, but okay. Better than how I was feeling a few months ago when I was competing or playing back-to-back tennis.

Q. Andy, were you encouraged that you moved in your second match did you feel as good in the first or was there sort of a reduction in comfort for you?
ANDY MURRAY: No. I mean not massive reduction in comfort, but again, as you play up the levels, whether it's issues with your game, like if you're not serving as well or if you're not moving as well, the better players exploit that. And like I said, he is a top player and is able to do that. So I need to try and find a way of working out how to get around some of the things I struggle with a little bit now, and I'll try to do that.

Q. You've had your own injury concerns last so many months or so, but could we get a player's eye view of what Rafa is sort of going through this week and recent months?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. I mean I just heard that just now before I came in. I don't know exactly what the issue is.

Q. Thigh strain.
ANDY MURRAY: My understanding is he's had quite a few different issues. There's not just been one thing in particular. And yes, it's difficult sometimes when you don't compete or play for a long time, when you then start preparing, and again, whether it's practicing or playing against top players, your body takes time to adjust to that. And some people think that we as tennis players, we play too much, but also our body gets used to competing week in, week out and playing lots of matches and that kind of becomes our norm. And then when you take that away and stop for three or four months and then come back and start trying to do it again, your body hurts in different places, and sometimes it might not necessarily be an injury as such. It might be pain that has come up. So hopefully it's nothing too serious and he'll be okay for the next couple of weeks.

Q. Where are you headed next and how will you manage yourself?
ANDY MURRAY: I haven't spoken with my team about that yet. I mean the plan is just to play here and Melbourne. I think that that will still be the case. So I will head there in the next couple of days. I'm not sure if we'll stick around here for a few days or not first, but yeah, headed to Melbourne and spend the week preparing there.

Q. Andy, when you said that you sort of warm your body into playing even when you have injuries, do you think having played on back-to-back days here will help you when you get to the Australian Open or do you think that your level of physical comfort is not going to improve at all between now and then?
ANDY MURRAY: It's very difficult to say. I think that playing a best-of-five-set match is obviously physically more demanding, but the benefit of the way the slams are set up is having that day of recovery. Obviously my match yesterday was not physically particularly demanding, and neither was tonight's match. But there's a little bit less time to recover in these events. And sometimes you get kind of over 48 hours to recover from matches in the slams.

Obviously the five sets is difficult. So you want to try and limit those, if you can. But yeah, I mean I need to see what happens. These tournaments and the slams, they're quite different in how your body has to deal with them.

Q. You have the injury-protected ranking. How many more tournaments are you able to claim it for?
ANDY MURRAY: I think through until the grass season, I think. So, yeah, I mean some tournaments I've used the protected ranking. Some tournaments I've had the wild card. But I think it's through until the grass season.

Q. The end of the grass season?
ANDY MURRAY: Beginning. I don't know if it's like Stuttgart week or the Queens week. But I think it was around then.

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