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December 31, 2018

Destanee Aiava

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


6-3, 7-6

Q. Destanee, congratulations.

Q. A great few days for you, not just today's win. Can you talk about just today's match, though? What do you think was the key to the win and what does it mean for you?
DESTANEE AIAVA: I think the key was probably staying mentally strong and probably fitness as well. I had a massive preseason back home in Sydney. So I think that helped a lot, and yeah, I just tried to stay with her mentally and eventually got there in the end.

Q. How do you feel physically after four matches?
DESTANEE AIAVA: I just came out of the icebox, so I'm good. I'm ready.

Q. You qualified to win today. How far do you want to see yourself go? What do you really want to get out of this tournament for yourself?
DESTANEE AIAVA: Probably knowing that I can back it up day after day at this level. I've been working on that a lot in 2018. So I think I can see that paying off at the moment. Yeah, I'm enjoying playing against these players, and I'm looking forward to the next match.

Q. Could you hear the noise from the court next door?
DESTANEE AIAVA: Yeah. I could hear it. I was like, it was good to hear Kim was doing well. So I'm happy for her.

Q. Have you hit with her much? Do you know her very well?
DESTANEE AIAVA: Yeah. I grew up playing with her and against her. So we've spent a bit of time together. It's good to see her come through today as well. Go Aussies.

Q. You play Naomi Osaka next. How well, if at all, do you know Naomi? Are you excited for the match? Like what's kind of your thoughts about it?
DESTANEE AIAVA: I don't really know her. I think in her last junior year, I was playing juniors as well. This past week I've been mistaken for Naomi about four times, so we'll see if they can tell us apart tomorrow night. But, yeah, she's been doing really well. I think her game style is pretty good. I've enjoyed watching her as well. But, yeah, I'm looking forward to the experience and getting out on Pat Rafter for the first time as well in a night match. So I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Do you think that experience of playing on big courts like you did last year in Melbourne, that'll maybe calm some of the nerves or give you kind of a sense of what you're going to expect against her?
DESTANEE AIAVA: Yeah. I enjoy playing in front of a big crowd. There probably will be some nerves. I had some today, but that's natural. It comes with it. But, yeah, I'm going to relish the opportunity.

Q. What do you say to people when they think that you're Naomi?
DESTANEE AIAVA: I just say thanks and I walk off. (Laughs).

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