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March 23, 1998

Patty Schnyder


Q. That was a truly horrible first set.


Q. Did you leave it in the locker room today?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I don't know. I was just not on court at the beginning. She was hitting good serves, good returns. I just was too late every time.

Q. And what helped you get your game back together in the second set?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I just was thinking, Just try to hit it back, try to make a few winners on the return also, to serve better to put first one in. I could also hope that she misses a few at the beginning of the second, and she did. So I got a little back into the game.

Q. You finally won your serve in the second set. That seemed to be the game where your confidence got better with your groundstrokes. You were hitting deeper and more accurately. Do you think so?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah. If I don't win my serve, I just feel like I don't have -- my basis is not there. I need my serve to come into the game.

Q. The backhand volley you missed --

PATTY SCHNYDER: The forehand.

Q. -- can you describe what happened on that shot?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I don't know which one you mean because I had so many.

Q. The one for the break in the second set.

PATTY SCHNYDER: That was not the easiest one, but still. I don't know. I was also a little negative because I missed so many balls. I played so many good points. She was fighting and getting the ball back. I was missing a lot. Just got upset. That was just another mistake because I was not positive on court.

Q. Do you think when you have to play around the net that you try to hit too many finesse shots, than trying to -- instead of playing all these delicate finesse shots?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I think sometimes I do, but today it was not really a problem. I couldn't finish the point sometimes. It was not because I tried to play something special.

Q. This long layoff you've had, almost a month now, do you think that might have hurt you today, not having played between Hannover and here?

PATTY SCHNYDER: No, I don't think so. If it would be bad, I just would have problems in the first match, not in the third round.

Q. But this is a much tougher match.

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I know. But I had my practice, good opponents in practice also. I beat them. I was used to the tournament game.

Q. What do you think of Serena Williams' game?

PATTY SCHNYDER: She is so strong. She runs everything down. She's very fast. Her serve is really good. It's hard to play here. I mean, especially if she takes the ball early and hits everything. You can't find your game. That's her game.

Q. What is it like - I know you played Venus as well fairly recently - but what is the difference between the two? What kind of problems does one pose and what kind of problems does the other pose?

PATTY SCHNYDER: They have a similar game. I think Serena, she hits even harder from the groundstrokes. I think they just play from the baseline about the same, same balls.

Q. Were you surprised at how well she played or was that what you expected?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I expected that she's going to hit hard and serve good. I didn't thought that she's going to fight all the time -- I know she's going to fight all the time, but run down all the balls. I hit good shots down the line, left, right; she just put everything back. I was a little surprised.

Q. The people here are just starting to get to know you. I know you're better known in Europe than you are here. What are your goals as a player? How far do you see yourself advancing in tennis?

PATTY SCHNYDER: My goal is to reach the Top 10. Doesn't matter if it is this year, next year or two years. I just think I have to improve still a lot of things and work on my tennis. But I think I can make the Top 10.

Q. Is there anything in particular that you're trying to improve right now?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I mean, yeah. I'm just not happy with the match. Just a day I have to forget also. There are a lot of things, my net game, my serve, some details, also my groundstrokes. There's a lot of work.

Q. There was obviously a lot of talk at the U.S. Open with Venus Williams; that she wasn't particularly friendly. Has that perception changed among the players? Do the players get along with them? Are they accepted as one of the gals?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I mean, they're just always together. I don't know if they have friends on tour or not. I mean, they say hello to almost all of the players. That's okay.

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