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December 30, 2018

Alex De Minaur

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Q. Is this a happy place for you, mate? Pretty good 2018.
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah. Great memories. I mean this is where my year started and where I started to really feel that confidence and playing some great tennis, and I was able to sort of keep that momentum throughout the whole year. So I'm very happy to be back and can't wait to get back out there.

Q. We saw you out there before training. How much work are you putting in?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, there's been a lot of work. This has been one of my first proper preseasons. So backing up after an amazing 2018, I've put in the hard yards to hopefully have a big 2019 as well. We've done everything possible off the court to try to get bigger, stronger and fitter, and hopefully it all plays out with results.

Q. Saw Lleyton out there with you as well. How much of a help is it to have someone like him to bounce some ideas off of?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, he's always been an incredible help. I mean he's been through everything there is to go through on the tennis court, and just to hear his experiences and the way he handled different situations out there on court just really helps me. Still young, still learning, and just trying to get better.

Q. Did he make you train on Christmas Day?
ALEX DE MINAUR: We had Christmas Day off.

Q. What about the New Year's Day?
ALEX DE MINAUR: New Year's I'll be competing. We had Christmas Day off, but apart from that it's just been a lot of hours on court and a lot of hours in the gym and just trying to get the body in tip-top shape and build a solid foundation for a big year.

Q. You ended up playing with him in a doubles qualifier here. How was that experience?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah. I mean it's always an amazing feeling to share the court, especially playing doubles with someone you've looked up to, so I'm incredibly excited and really looking forward to getting out there on court and just having some fun.

Q. You grew up idolizing him. Are you still pinching yourself when he's working with you?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah. I mean every day it's just I'm one of the luckiest guys out there. I mean I'm doing what I love each day, and I've got people that I've looked up to helping me out as well. And it's just an amazing experience, and I've just gotta keep on learning every single day and try to keep improving. So just got a great team of guys around me, and as long as I keep working hard, putting in the extra yards and listening to them, things will go well.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah. Well, 2018 was a break-out year for me. I played some incredible tennis throughout the whole year, and one of the things that I really want to focus on from years before was keep building on my level week after week, and I feel like I was able to do that. So I'm extremely proud of my efforts, and now 2019 is a new year, so I'm looking forward to what's to come.

Q. What do you make of your first-round opponent, young Aussie?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, it's going to be a very tough match. Alexei has been playing some great tennis. He's qualified for a lot of ATP events, and he's a very dangerous player. So it's going to be a fun match. We're both the same age, so hopefully it'll be just a battle out there, and let the best man win.

Q. You're also on the same side of the draw as Rafa, and we've seen you, you go straight back at it. Would you revel in the opportunity to take him on here at this international event?
ALEX DE MINAUR: I sort of like to take things day by day. I did say that all focus on my first-round opponent, which is Alexei, and after that we can look at what's next. But just a tough first round, and hopefully I can start off on the right foot.

Q. Alex, when you think back to sort of your approach to this tournament a year ago and the head space that you were in, how is it different now, 12 months later, talking about the success you've had?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Well, it's still the same old me, same kid who just loves to be out there and competing, so I'm trying to keep the same mindset and attitude and just trying to keep things day at a time. So just trying to keep improving each day and hopefully come first round I can play some good tennis.

Q. After that break-out year, it must be nice to have that moment when your name is all over starting year, onto Melbourne. And it's just great to be in front of people that love you.
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah. I mean I think us Aussie players are the luckiest guys around here, to be able to start the year at home and have the home crowd support and have these amazing fans supporting you every single point, that's something that I couldn't wait to come back. As soon as I finished here I was counting the days till the year after, till I could come back and play here on centre court in front of a packed crowd and guys that have been supporting me all the way. So I can't wait to get back out there and just compete and do what I enjoy each day.

Q. If you would, if you were to go far here, how would that help you going into the Australian Open and playing before?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Well, it's just more experiences. I got to play him at Wimbledon, and that was a pretty incredible experience for me. So many things to learn, and just being out there on court against these guys, the next time you sort of know what to expect. So hopefully I'll be ready. But then again, just taking it easy day by day, and we'll see what happens.

Q. Kyrgios was saying that he didn't touch a racquet for a month in the off season. That's what he does. What did you do after such a big year to sort of unwind a little, maybe step away from the game a little?
ALEX DE MINAUR: I was fortunate enough to have a week and a half off, and I put all that time and effort into getting any driver's license in Spain. So it was a productive week and a half. And then it was back here, back to work and getting ready to prepare for a big Aussie summer hopefully. So just putting in the hard yards, so hopefully it'll all pay off.

Q. Just to clarify, do you have your Australian driver's license as well?
ALEX DE MINAUR: No, I don't. Here in Australia it takes a bit longer than in Spain. So there I just had to pass my theory and pass the driving test and it was all good. So I managed to get it in a week and a half.

Q. Australian Open title and driver's license in a month would be a dream come true for you?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Now, that, that would be a dream come true. I mean I'm happy that I got my driver's license. Now I was going to take it step by step, and if I can just come out there and play some good tennis and just get the crowd behind me, that's all I can ask for.

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