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December 27, 2018

Chase Young

Pasadena, California

CHASE YOUNG: Pretty good. I think -- what is it? One of their tackles, I guess they had him on first round, I guess --

Q. Projection?
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, projection. Overall, they're a pretty good team, obviously, Pac-12 champions. But we've got an especially good team.

Q. How often do you look at the individual match-ups? Do you check draft rankings of the guys you're going to be going against?
CHASE YOUNG: I didn't really check the draft rankings, but one of our intern coaches had told us just that he's an obviously good player. So individual match-ups, I definitely check them. I know what I'm going to go up against. I want to know their tendencies, things like that, and what I can use on them.

Q. Chase, what do you know about Zach Harrison?
CHASE YOUNG: That boy's fast. No, but Zach is definitely the top recruit we have, best player in the nation. So I just told him, when he comes in, just be ready to work.

Q. And obviously, he was pretty quiet about his recruitment. How aware were you guys of where he was and whatnot?
CHASE YOUNG: I know it was us and a team up north. I would hit him up time to time. Every time he would come up, he would hang with me. Definitely, that's all I could do. The rest was all on him.

Q. You played with quite a few talented defensive ends here. How excited are you to get him in here?
CHASE YOUNG: We're excited. He's going to be a very good player, especially under of Coach J. He's going to craft into a beast. Definitely ready to take him under my wing and watch him bloom.

Q. You were kind of like him at one point. You were highly recruited. What is it like to get that, finally, that decision off your back?
CHASE YOUNG: It feels real good because everybody just asks you, wondering where you're going. You yourself don't know where you're going. You're just like stuck in the middle. So once you say it, it's relief off your back, and you can just focus on your next step.

Q. What's the biggest eye opener he faces once he gets here?
CHASE YOUNG: All these coaches being all nice to him (laughter). No, but once he gets here, he's definitely going to come in into the system and be treated like everyone else. I guess that's the biggest obstacle a freshman would face, but that's not really an obstacle. He knows what he's coming in for, and he wants to be coached by the best. That's the way we're going to coach.

Q. Chase, what is it in your mind, what are you all losing or even college football losing with Urban Meyer retiring?
CHASE YOUNG: We're losing a legend, a really great coach. A great man of help. You see him every day, and helps you become a man, a leader. I think that's what we're losing. Obviously, Coach Meyer, he teaches you how to act on and off the field. He's taught me some things that I'll never forget.

Q. Is he no nonsense? How would you describe him? Is he a straight shooter? What is he? How would you describe interaction with him?
CHASE YOUNG: He is weird funny. It's like -- I don't know, he's just real funny, but he's funny without even saying a word for it. No, he's a good guy. He always loves and makes jokes in practice and things like that.

Q. Do you have a favorite moment or memory with Urban?
CHASE YOUNG: I think like he always says, the best moment is when the coach pats you on the shoulder and says go win the game, and I think he did that to me in the Penn State game and I won the game. I think that's the best moment that we have.

Q. Real quick, how are you all approaching the have some fun aspect of this? Because this is -- you know.
CHASE YOUNG: I can't speak for everybody else, but I'm really chilling. I guess a lot of people went bowling or stuff like that, but I know after practice my body was sore. I went and got a good meal and just chilled in the room. I don't want to do too much. I'm coming here, they say your last game is the game you're going to remember, so I'm just trying to go out right for next year.

I think the whole team, we haven't been doing too much. We didn't forget why we came here. So everybody is chilling.

Q. Have you seen Nick out here?
CHASE YOUNG: I talked to him. He's like an hour and a half from here.

Q. It's not real close. Last thing. We talked to you all through the season about did you have a high ankle sprain? What did you deal with all year?
CHASE YOUNG: My right foot, I had a high ankle. My left foot, I had a low ankle sprain.

Q. So as much as you wanted to chill out and stuff, just how brutal was it from day to day playing? I'm not trying to get you to pat yourself on the back, but it was a challenge, right?
CHASE YOUNG: It was definitely a challenge. I would tweak it a lot. I tweaked it in practice.

Q. Like hitting your thumb with a hammer and you hit it again?
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, I hit it again. It was definitely difficult, but I didn't think twice about playing or anything like that. I know sometimes after games when I'd be down on myself because I couldn't really do what I want to do, I would have to have talks with Coach Johnson and stuff like that to get me back up, but it was all good.

Q. Like that last play, though, at Penn State, you were hurting even then. Were there moments when you just put it totally out of mind?
CHASE YOUNG: It was definitely almost like that, and then like 40 minutes after the game, I'd be limping. But that's part of the game, and that's something I can tell my kids and grandkids one day. So definitely a good experience.

Q. And how close are you to healthy now?
CHASE YOUNG: Oh, I'm full gun. I'm ready to go now.

Q. Chase, I think Tim was asking you some of the same stuff that I was going to look at. You said a couple weeks ago that both ankles were hurt, and I didn't get a chance to follow up on that. Were they hurt at the same time? Did you hurt one, then pick up another?
CHASE YOUNG: I hurt one and picked up another one. So it was like -- it was pretty bad. After the first game, I don't know if you could tell when Nick got that first sack and I was out and I tried to come back. After that, I was limping, and I was like, oh, I felt something pop.

Q. In the opener?
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, in the opener. I really didn't tell the coaches at first, and then I went back in and came out back out and said, I've got to get this taped up or something. I don't know what happened. The day after, it was just real swollen, and I couldn't really walk on it.

Q. And the second one, when did that happen?

Q. So you picked them up in the first three weeks.
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah. It was, you know, football you're going to get hurt, get little bumps and bruises. But I just tried to play my best the rest of the season, and that's what I did.

Q. You said the first one you didn't want to tell anybody about. Were there times you were close to missing games entirely? What percentage were you playing at in maybe October?
CHASE YOUNG: Stu said he was going to get me back, and that whole week I was in the training room like three times a day doing stuff with Stu. I think after the Rutgers game, when I got like two sacks, I was like, I can do this. Cool.

Q. When you look at the season you had then, it's still pretty impressive on paper. Do you wonder what it would have been like, what you could have done with two healthy ankles?
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, but I don't even think about that. I had the season I had. It is what it is. I'm looking forward.

Q. For a guy like you, you came into the year expecting maybe to be one-on-one with Nick on the other side. Obviously, you wanted to be healthy. You guys still won a Big Ten Championship and won a bunch of games. How do you evaluate what you went through here?
CHASE YOUNG: I think I had a pretty good year. I think I showed the country what I can do. It would have helped if Nick was here, but he wasn't. So I would just talk to him about that, talk to him about what me and Dre'Mont would pick up. Obviously, I played the best I could and definitely got used to the shifts and stuff, I think, later in the season because I just wasn't used to them. So yeah.

Q. You guys going to see Nick out here?
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, I'm going to see him. I talked to him yesterday.

Q. Chase, we can talk about guys who just signed their letters of intent. I'm interested in Zach Harrison, five star kid coming out of high school, similar to you in size and stature and the way you play the game. Have you ever talked to Zach, and if you have, what's been your impression of him, and what do you think he's going to bring to your room next year?
CHASE YOUNG: He's going to bring speed for sure, speed off the edge. He definitely is a speed rusher, big, long, lanky guy. And I talked to him, but when I talked to him, we never really talked about -- we talked about Coach Johnson, but we never really talked about the football aspect too much. I would just chill with him. We'd go get a bite to eat or just chill, watch TV, stuff like that. So not really too much about football.

Just because Coach Johnson told him what he told him, Coach Meyer told him what he told him. It's really just like what you want to do.

Q. He's graduating early and coming in a few weeks here. Is there a bigger role for guys like you and Jonathon to play for young guys like that?
CHASE YOUNG: I think definitely. He's definitely coming in not knowing what's going on. He definitely going to have to follow somebody. So he's definitely going to have to follow me and Coop. I've just got to be a leader for him, take him under my wing. Anything I can do for him to speed up the process faster for him.

Q. You came as a five star defensive end who's physically pretty ready, more so than a lot of people. He's coming in sort of similar. Is there any advice that you have for him? Is he sort of in your same situation?
CHASE YOUNG: Right. Just keep working and try to outwork the man in front of you. I think that's what I came and did, and I think that's why I pushed the people in front of me. It's not like you want a young guy to come in and not work, you feel me? So that kid gets the whole unit going and keeps the whole train moving is when the young guy is coming in and working real hard. It keeps the leaders working real hard too. So I think that's just a part of the whole football concept.

Q. With your current freshman, Javontae Jean-Baptiste, what have you seen from him in his first year at Ohio State?
CHASE YOUNG: He definitely developed and got a lot stronger and bigger. Coach Mick say he reminds him of Justin Tuck, came in about that same size, grew to about 250, 255. I think Javontae is going to be a real good pass rusher. That's a lot what he works on.

I think next year, he told me trying to get in that nickel package. That's what he's really working on right now, perfecting his craft, his hands, getting his hands better, and his first step.

Q. You said having Nick around would have helped. What do you mean exactly? How would he have helped you personally?
CHASE YOUNG: Obviously, you know, if you have Nick on the other side, I think with the first few games, when we got double-teamed, he would have definitely given me a lot more one-on-ones. I think once teams knew that, you know, give me one-on-ones, I can beat my man, then they couldn't double-team either one of us, and I think that would have opened up even more -- that would have opened up even more for Dre'Mont on the inside with one-on-ones and things like that. Even though Dre'Mont did still have a real good season, he could have been even better.

We could talk about what would happen if Nick could be here and stuff like that, but he wasn't.

Q. All year long it's sort of been avoided, he hasn't been here. Now you're here. The season's almost over. You're in the Rose Bowl. Is it fair to say that him getting hurt changed the course of this team, not just for you guys statistically?
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, but it changed the course of the team just because he's a big leader and he probably had the biggest role on defense. So it definitely changed the role for our team.

Q. Jake Browning is an experienced quarterback. In the past, he's put up crazy numbers, this year obviously not to that same extent. What are you guys looking to do on the line to sort of break him out of his rhythm?
CHASE YOUNG: We're looking to close the pocket. He definitely will take the ball down and run. So we're just really looking to close the pocket and just contain him.

Q. And for you in terms of sort of Big Ten, Pac-12, sort of conference pride, what's playing in this game mean to you?
CHASE YOUNG: It means a lot. Like we've always been preaching, this Bowl is the grand daddy of them all. Coach Meyer grew up watching us play in it. My dad told me he grew up watching it. So it's just -- this game is really highly respected, and it's an honor to play in it.

Q. Talk about Urban always wanted to be in this game. For it to be his last game, how kind of special is that?
CHASE YOUNG: It's special, but it wouldn't be too special if we lost. So we've got to go out there and win and just send Coach Meyer off good.

Q. What's been the mood of the team since he made that announcement?
CHASE YOUNG: It's been the same mood. We experienced without Coach Meyer like the first three weeks, and you know Coach Day, and everybody obviously likes Coach Day. He's ready to win games with him. So we love Coach Meyer, but you know Coach Day is coming in, so we're just going to have to switch head coaches and keep moving forward.

Q. How long did it take for that sense of shock to kind of wear off for you guys?
CHASE YOUNG: It take me about three or four days. I would hear people say, you know, he might retire after this season. I really didn't believe it, though. As much as he loves football, as much as he's invested in the team. So when he said it, I was real shocked. But then when I heard the whole condition he has going on, I understood he has family, grandson. He just had another grand baby just born. So I understood.

Q. Have you seen him maybe put more things into perspective since then, considering he's got to look out for his health?
CHASE YOUNG: Yeah, he's definitely been chilling, laughing more. I like that. Usually he's on everybody and yelling and stuff like that. So I definitely like how he's going about it.

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