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October 4, 1998

Patty Schnyder


Q. Are you surprised that you were in command of most of the rallies?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Well, in the beginning, I thought she was going to play faster and more to the corners. This is why I had to change my game from what I had intended to. It's hard to assess her balls coming high and low. You take some time to realize and make a lot of mistakes.

Q. Nevertheless, she's one of those who hit very hard. Did this bring you a lot of confidence so you know you can do it against these types of players indoors?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Oh, yes, I felt pretty well in terms of speed. I mean, the serve, of course, sometimes was too fast for me, even her second. But we know that about her. Even if the surface is going to be faster in the weeks to come, I know I can play against the top players. That's good to know.

Q. For the indoor season, are you going to put some more pressure on yourself, or is it more sort of a positive feeling so you feel free against people like Huber next week?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Well, the next tournaments are very, very good, high-ranking draws. You can lose against somebody ranked below you. But I want to win against those ranked higher than me. I think I can win a couple of matches.

Q. How does it feel, you have lost a lot of prize money, and you really had a sniff at it, or don't you think about it?

PATTY SCHNYDER: No, look, I'm happy about what I won. It's a lot of money. I play tennis in order to win, to beat the other ones, not to get these tremendous, huge checks.

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