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December 26, 2018

Trey Sermon

Miami Gardens, Florida

Q. Just coming into this game, what stands out about the Alabama defense?
TREY SERMON: Just their physicality and how they move. I mean, just their flow of the defense.

Q. When you look at the defensive line, especially someone like Williams, knowing that you have to get past them to be able to get to the secondary, what's your mindset?
TREY SERMON: My mindset is just to make the most of my opportunities. Like I said, they're a great defense, so I mean, I just have to execute and just make the most every time I watch the ball.

Q. The defenders, they want to take away the run, make Oklahoma one-dimensional. Can you just talk about the emphasis of establishing the run on your part?
TREY SERMON: Establishing the run is going to be a big factor for us. We know that we have to run the ball in order to open up everything else. Like I said, we're just going to make the most of every opportunity and just try to execute every time we touch the ball.

Q. How crucial was this last month for you in terms of getting healthy?
TREY SERMON: It was very important. I mean, dealing with a high ankle sprain, every time I thought it was getting a little better, I'd go in, play, wrap it up, and it would just kind of re aggravate it. It was very important for me to get it to 100 percent, and I'm feeling good now.

Q. Is it safe to say ever since TCU you've been 100 percent?

Q. Speaking of health, Kyler is okay, he's not on IV's, in a hospital bed?
TREY SERMON: He's fine. He's fine.

Q. Would you say this is the healthiest you've been the last couple months?
TREY SERMON: Yeah, everybody is feeling pretty good.

Q. Seeing what Rodney was able to do in the Rose Bowl last year against Georgia, does that give you guys confidence that you can establish the run against another type of defense?
TREY SERMON: Yes, it definitely gives us a lot of confidence. The way he ran the ball against Georgia, I feel like we can do the same now.

Q. What do you specifically see for yourself in a game like this?
TREY SERMON: I just want to see how I match up against these defenders. I mean, they're great players, as well, so I mean, I just want to see how well I can run the ball, how well I can make them miss. I mean, that's the pride of my game. This is considered one of the best defenses in the country, so if I can do what I usually do against them, then just builds more confidence in myself.

Q. Seems like this would be a game of challenges. Is that something that just adds into just the magnitude of the game itself?
TREY SERMON: Yes, it does. I mean, it just builds a lot up because like I said before, we're going up against a great defense, a great team, so I mean, it's a big challenge, and we're up for it.

Q. (Indiscernible) said that he's watched the film of the Rose Bowl over 100 times. How surreal is it to be back in that exact same situation over 2,000 miles away?
TREY SERMON: I mean, it's a crazy feeling, just to know that a year ago I was in the same position. I mean, it's also a good feeling. I mean, we felt like we deserved to be here. We just have to go out and show it.

Q. Do you have that revenge mentality?
TREY SERMON: Yes, I do. I mean, I felt like -- I mean, the little -- I didn't have much going against Georgia, but I felt like I could have done a lot more than what I did. I mean, I definitely feel like now that I have another opportunity going against another great defense, I'm going to make the most of it.

Q. Being a Georgia kid, grow up liking Bama? Was Bama ever central to you in your childhood or anything?
TREY SERMON: Once I got to Georgia, everybody watched Alabama. They always had a really good team. When I got to high school, they kind of recruited me, I kind of watched them a lot more. It's going to be pretty good just to play them.

Q. Did they ever play a big role in your recruitment or not?
TREY SERMON: Yes, they did. I definitely thought about going to Alabama. I mean, they've had a lot of good running backs in the past, so I mean, it was definitely something that I looked into.

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