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December 15, 2018

Seth Littrell

Kemon Hall

Kason Martin

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Utah State - 52, North Texas - 13

Q. Can you just give us your thoughts?
SETH LITTRELL: Yeah, first off, you have to give Utah State a lot of credit. They're a very good football team. They're definitely the best team we've played so far, very deservedly in the top 25 spot, and at the end of the day, they played great today. We didn't have enough in us today to make enough plays to have that success. You never want to go out that way. You never want to send your seniors out that way. But I am extremely proud of this group. I'm proud of our seniors. They've accomplished a lot, opening up the season against your crosstown rival, and they did a great job of beating them, go on the road in the SEC and win a football game in somebody else's stadium, back to back nine-win seasons, first time since '76-' 77, I believe. I'm proud of them.

The reason it hurts so bad is because this group's expectations have changed at North Texas, and we expect to be in and compete and win championships. We finish that way, it's supposed to hurt. But I can't say enough about this group. I love them, and I'm proud of these seniors, and they'll be a part of my family for the rest of their lives.

Q. Can you talk about what happened with Mason? It looked like he pulled a hamstring.
SETH LITTRELL: Yeah, he pulled a hamstring, and it's pretty significant. Couldn't get back, couldn't do enough to even take a drop, to be effective. When you have a guy go down, another man has to step up, so we had three other quarterbacks get some reps. I thought Kason and Bean stepped in and did some good things. It'll be a great learning experience for them.

Q. Did Mason want to keep going out there?
SETH LITTRELL: That's Mason. Eventually you've just got to say -- I don't ever want to put him in harm's way, and I know he's so tough. He wants to do everything he can for his teammates. As the head coach, sometimes you've just -- enough is enough, and he was going to be in harm's way if he went back out there.

Q. Just too many mistakes against a quality opponent?
SETH LITTRELL: Yeah, way too many mistakes. You know, on all three phases we had too many mistakes. You know, we've got to make sure we come back stronger in the off-season and get better.

Q. Which hamstring was that on Mason that was injured?
SETH LITTRELL: I believe it was his right, the right one.

Q. Kemon, you guys talked a lot about finishing the mission. Is it tough just to come up short?
KEMON HALL: Yeah, it's tough. We came out and were hoping to execute how we were supposed to, but man, it was just -- the tempo, they out-executed us. We should have made more plays.

Q. Coach, were you just looking for an answer at quarterback there, going through some of the different options there, Jason and then Kason?
SETH LITTRELL: Yeah. Trying to find the best option.

Q. Did you feel like you got any traction there with any of those guys at any point?
SETH LITTRELL: Again, I think a lot of them did some good things. I was really happy to see Kason come in there, especially opening up the second half. He was really excited. You know, felt like we had some shot plays we could have hit earlier in the first half, but either we didn't get the ball off or pressure or a lot of different things. But he came out the second half and threw a great ball to J.G. and kind of got us -- got the momentum rolling a little bit. Again, we just overall -- give them a lot of credit for not making mistakes.

Q. Kason, you came in and gave the team a little spark there. Can you talk about what your frame of mind was going into the game?
KASON MARTIN: You've always got to stay ready. You hate to see guys do bad or people get hurt. Of course the idea (indiscernible) but I don't know, God never makes mistakes, so it's just something I didn't think was going to happen.

Q. Just couldn't get anything going offensively against Utah State?
KASON MARTIN: Yes, sir. Coach always says be most (indiscernible) team play, and we were trying to keep the energy up a little bit. That's why I had that success coming out of halftime, and after that it just -- I don't know, just a lot of mistakes.

Q. You guys were in it early, 7-7, and it got away real quick for you guys. What happened in that stretch when Utah State ran I think it was like 31 straight plays?
KEMON HALL: It was just misalignment and miscommunication. They were just ahead of us.

Q. Did they have some talent out there? Seemed like you guys had a lot of trouble with some of their receivers.
KEMON HALL: We should have been on top and doing what we do, but they just made plays.

Q. You had some injuries come up during the game. Did that just play a huge role in the way this game played --
SETH LITTRELL: We don't make excuses. We don't allow others to make excuses for us. We've got to win the game.

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