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September 1, 1999

Patty Schnyder

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. This is your first third round since the French; correct?


Q. What does it mean to you, making it this far as you're trying to move back up the rankings and kind of get your confidence back?

PATTY SCHNYDER: It was all right, but Grand Slam, you have those tough opponents. Lisa, she is a very tough opponent, like the other tournaments -- very tough to advance.

Q. You had said, I think it was back in June or May that you were thinking about lots of things and you were having some trouble with your confidence. How have you been able to kind of get back from that?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I think in practice I'm playing really good. I've got a lot of confidence. Sometimes I have problems with my concentration during matches and I lose my game and I have to get back in the game, so it gives me the confidence I need to beat very tough players. And now I think I've played a good match and I hope that I can be the top player again.

Q. Do you know why you are losing concentration? Was it because of all the stuff going on earlier in the year?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I just was not that consistent, make some mistakes, I was thinking about mistakes. Yeah, probably thinking too much.

Q. Did your parents come here with you to New York?

PATTY SCHNYDER: No. They didn't come to the States.

Q. Are they coming to your tournaments again now?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, Zurich for sure, Germany.

Q. How does that feel for you? Is it nice to have them back?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, it's nice.

Q. Is there anything you can take -- you're 20 years old, you're growing more mature; anything you can learn from your experience when you were being coached by Ranier (ph)?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I think I needed to learn a lot from that, and as a tennis player, I didn't take advantage of it, but as a person, I learned a lot. So far, everything went really well and now I know how to deal with problems and solve them. I think it's really easy to live and to play good tennis as well.

Q. Do you have contact with him at all anymore?


Q. So you're playing Aranxta next?


Q. Have you beaten her before?


Q. Where is your game against her, do you think?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I know that she plays her opponent really hard. I have to play consistently. I know she can handle my shots and my serve, but I need to play some good match.

Q. Do you have a certain goal for yourself where you'd like to be at the end of this year?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I mean, this year, I try to make the best of it now, but next year, I hope to do better.

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