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November 30, 2018

Kyle Whittingham

Santa Clara, California

Washington - 10, Utah - 3

KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Hopefully finished the season off on a positive, but, again, regardless, they were tough to this point. They accomplished a lot of things this year, and very proud of them.

Q. You're pretty fired up about the call.
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Wouldn't you be? Did you see the same thing I saw? I don't know how I can say anything without getting fined, but I'm used to it.

Q. I'm just wondering, you lost your starting quarterback and your starting running back, that has to be a factor (indiscernible).
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: You can handle adversity and just keep fighting. These guys have the same toughness, and attitude and mindset to be successful.

Q. Do you think the offense (Indiscernible)?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Sure we did. Yeah, we did. It was a game, it was 3-0. We had the ball come out at halftime. We got a feel for it early in the second half. (Indiscernible) scored a touchdown, only touchdown of the night, and that was unfortunate. But it's a good offense, and Washington's one of the best in the country, and they showed that tonight.

Q. Did you get an explanation?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: No, no explanation. Zero explanation.

Q. I know it's still fresh, but you've coached a lot of big games. Do you feel this one's as big or big as anything you've coached?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: We've had some big games here. And this was certainly good territory. Something we've never done before, and in this particular game, so that was a big game in that regard, what was at stake. But it's probably up there in the top five.

Q. What are your thoughts on your defensive effort, especially the fact that they were on the field for so much?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Outstanding. Like I said, it's hard when you lose a game and you don't give up a defensive touchdown. It doesn't happen very often. But give the Huskies credit, because there's a reason we didn't do much on offense. We played great defense all year long, and they certainly played well tonight. They did exactly their MO they did the entire season. They saw things in front of them. They just played sound.

Q. With the offense at the end of the half?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Yeah, we got sacked. Got knocked back at the 45-yard line, the wind was in our face. And I wasn't sure if we could get the ball out for a Hail Mary. We certainly don't want to go for it. Take a timeout with 40 seconds and miss a penalty with 20, 30 yards out of field goal position. So we decided we were going to get the ball coming out of the second half. Just chuck it up there on a Hail Mary, and if you're not sure, you can reach the end zone.

So that was way too far in that game. So you (Indiscernible) in the other direction, and just barely made it. So this would have been (Indiscernible). So, we decided to let the clock run out and come out with a possession in the second half.

Q. So you used the hashtag "just a regular team" a lot. Is that okay with you guys?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Yeah, I don't personally use it.

Q. I know.
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Yeah, it was a funny quote by (Indiscernible) we faced sometime this year.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Oh, just thankful all year long. We sold that place out back home. (Indiscernible). Appreciate it, and thank you to our fans for showing support to us. Won the south. That's not easy to do. So I was proud of the guys (indiscernible).

Q. (Indiscernible)?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Well, we'll see. It's too early to say. But we're trying to be patient. But we have two things we have to worry about is officiating and injuries. It's excuses. We've just got to move forward.

Q. The defense, what did you think of it tonight?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Struggled. It was tough. It was tough going. Tough to get it through. Didn't get much going. They feed off each other. But to do what he did as a redshirt freshman, then to rip off three here in this situation, very proud of him. He's a red shirt freshman, and the experience caught up to him tonight.

Q. Before the pick six on that drive, do you feel like the offense (Indiscernible)?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Yeah, we had some momentum. Got it going. Got the first down, and moved the chains and got in good field position.

Q. How do you move forward with this?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Say that again? The past what?

Q. (Indiscernible)?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: So should we not show up?

Q. (Indiscernible) how do you tackle that disappointment?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: So that being the fact, what was the question between? I'm sorry.

Q. How do you move on from this point?
KYLE WHITTINGHAM: Oh, okay. This is a tough group. We've had to move on from a lot of stuff this season, and we'll continue to come back. We've had Bowl games where guys take it seriously. They do a great job in preparation, and I don't expect this year to be any different.

Am I going to get fined or not? Probably not. I don't think so.

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