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August 22, 2002

Patty Schnyder


WTA TOUR: Questions, please.

Q. Frustrating match for you today?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, she played great tennis. I felt like I couldn't do nothing, and I got really upset, so if I feel like I am playing may game and she's hitting winners and no errors, yeah, she really deserved to win.

Q. Similar to the match you played in Montreal?

PATTY SCHNYDER: No, completely different.

Q. How so?

PATTY SCHNYDER: She missed -- was not playing good there and I mean, today I felt good. I just couldn't play because she played too well and didn't miss and there it was not, she didn't play good.

Q. What happened with the supervisor? Explain why you called for --

PATTY SCHNYDER: You have to ask him. Ask the umpire.

Q. He called for it?


Q. I thought you called.


Q. Anything you could do about -- as far as try to do differently or she's dictated a lot of points, it seemed like?

PATTY SCHNYDER: She served unbelievably. I mean, she hit like, I don't know, 12 first serves in the corners, and no one can return those all the time. I just can focus on my game and the depth of my balls, but I mean, it was really little I could do today. She played like that, she will beat me every time.

Q. Before you hit the ball in the crowd were you just frustrated with the drop shot or was there a missed call?

PATTY SCHNYDER: It was altogether. She hit great points and I really -- I felt like I could stuck with her in the second set at the beginning and she just played three unbelievable games, I felt just like nothing on the court, I couldn't do anything, and the drop shot, it was a great point, but I still felt that I deserved to win some point as well.

Q. She plays like that tomorrow can she hang with Venus or beat her?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Definitely. She was serving that good and Venus is always missing a few balls, and -- but Venus is always there when it is important, so you never know. I don't know if she can bring that performance again tomorrow because it was a great performance.

Q. You had beaten her in the past on all surfaces?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Twice, yeah.

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