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January 28, 2004

Patty Schnyder


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English for Patty, please.

Q. How satisfying is this for you to finally break through to the semifinal of a Slam?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, it's enormous. I mean, I'm so happy to be here and to play semis. I just -- it's hard to describe.

Q. Is there any particular reason why you feel that you've broken through now at this tournament?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I think, I mean, actually I had a good draw. That's obvious. But still, you really have to beat, you know, all the players also between like 14 and 30. It's really tough to come out every day and play a hundred percent, which you have to, otherwise you lose. I felt really good the last year also in the indoor season. I had a good draw. I beat two Top 10s pretty easily. I felt that my game is there to really, yeah, do some damage at the Grand Slam, too.

Q. Lisa mentioned you'd had some personal problems over a fair period, might have set you back a bit. Do you feel you're happier now and that's sort of helped your tennis?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, actually I'm very happy with my husband. We married a month ago. Everything is just fine. I'm really enjoying tennis. I love the sport, coming out playing, especially the Grand Slams in front of the crowd. Yeah, it's very nice to have such a life.

Q. Is your husband also your coach?

PATTY SCHNYDER: No. I mean, we talk about everything. But he's not really coaching me. But, I mean, if I have a problem, if it's on tennis or personal, I just -- we talk, yeah, all day.

Q. Do you have a coach?

PATTY SCHNYDER: No. I have Australian hitting partner here for the whole trip with me. We just, yeah, do this trip together, and then I'm going to take a player from Switzerland to travel with me.

Q. Who have you been hitting with here?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Tim Crichton, former doubles player. You should know him.

Q. There aren't many lefties on the tour these days. Do you think that actually gives you a bit of an advantage?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah. I mean, the first couple games with my serve probably. But I think, yeah, the players there are good enough to adjust quickly. Also they know my game. I mean, I've been on the tour for a long time, so they know how I play. So actually you have to be a pretty complete player also as a lefty.

Q. When you went through your difficulties, did you ever doubt that you would be back here?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I mean, "back"? I never been to a semi.

Q. Back on top of your game.

PATTY SCHNYDER: I mean, I'm playing much better. In the 2002 season, I played the best matches of my career. I really felt that my game was there to beat -- I beat Venus Williams, Serena Williams, and the No. 1 of the world, Capriati. My game was there, but I couldn't play it consistent. I mean, I don't know if that happens this year. I'm just happy to have a great run at a Grand Slam. And that was my goal for this season.

Q. Can you talk about the potential match-up in the semifinals against either player?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I won the last match against Myskina pretty easy. I played a great match. So, I mean, yeah, it would be nice to play her. But, like I saw on TV, Kim is leading. So I might play her. She's just very tough to beat, and you have to concentrate, yeah, every single point. She's not missing. She's running down the balls. So it's very tough to beat her.

Q. If someone had told you that you would last longer in your career than Martina Hingis, what would you have said?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Oh, I don't think those things. I mean, I enjoy the tour with Martina. I enjoy playing Fed Cup with her. Now I'm still enjoying the tour with the other Swiss players. I think she would love to play, especially the Grand Slams, and, yeah, to feel the emotions. I mean, the Grand Slams, playing on Centre Court, I think she misses it a bit. So sad for her.

Q. What did you think of your support group in the box?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, they're awesome. I mean, they started on my third round match against Suarez. I didn't know them. Now I know them. So they come back watching my matches. And, yeah, supporting me loudly. Yeah, it helps a lot.

Q. You gave them tickets today, did you?


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