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November 18, 2018

Jack Sock

Mike Bryan

London, England, United Kingdom


5-7, 6-1, 13-11

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How important was it for your partnership to finish it off on the perfect note?
MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, I mean, this is how you want to start a partnership and end one. To win here is just an epic experience. To finish a great year off the right way, winning here, against some of the best teams in the world. The way we did it, went down to the wire. It was pretty exciting.

But, yeah, unreal memories with Jack this year. Yeah, we're kind of closing the book on our partnership because Bob is coming back. Yeah, but we're always going to be great friends. Hang out in the off-season. We're going to spend the off-season together training.

Q. Mike, this is your fifth victory in the year-end championships. How does the victory feel, obviously with a new partner?
MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, I mean, at 40 you really kind of appreciate these moments a lot more. You're looking around trying to soak in as much of these great feelings as possible because you don't really know if you're ever going to feel that feeling again.

This is all unexpected. At 40, to win two slams, finish the year like this, is totally a thrill. Took me by surprise. Just had the dream matchup with Jack. Our games kind of really meshed together. We complement each other so well out there.

Yeah, we just rose to the big occasions, played the big tournaments well. Didn't do much in the others, but the slams and the World Tour Finals, can't ask for more.

Just going to have a smile on my face for a long time.

Q. Jack, not very good year in the individuals.
JACK SOCK: Really?

Q. But here you are a champion again in doubles. Has some meaning for you or what?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, of course. I said on the court after the match, as you pointed out once again, I didn't have a great year in singles. But I think any success on the court is a positive. I think without the doubles success this year, I don't know where my head would be right now mentally, where I'd feel about the sport.

I've been in some low places this year. Guys like Mike, being on the court, my team, his team, my family, my friends, have tried to keep my head up and keep some positive energy around me.

Yeah, I mean, like I said, without some of the success we've had, it would have been a very tough year. So, yeah, I'll look back on 2018 and be disappointed on one side of it and obviously extremely proud and happy on the other side of it.

Bittersweet, but I think a lot more positive and happy than negative.

Q. Mike, obviously you've played some wild super breakers before. I remember here you came back from 9-5 down. Was this the craziest, given the circumstances?
MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, this one was wild. We've been playing these super breakers for over 10 years. We've seen it all. We were up 9-2 in one of them in Indian Wells. It goes quick. Once the train starts getting on those tracks, it just runs you over. Then we lost 11-9. It can turn so fast, momentum shifts in those breakers.

Yeah, we were up 9-5, they started creeping. They won one point on my serve, one on Jack's serve. All of a sudden we're down match point. Yeah, that's the way it goes.

You need a little bit of luck to win these matches. The margins in doubles are so fine when you're playing against the best teams in the world. A breakpoint here and there. Sometimes tiebreakers are coin flips when you're playing those.

Feel lucky. Feel lucky. We played some of our best tennis today. I think we saved the best for last, because you have to from that team. They don't back down. I thought we saved our best for last.

Q. Jack, what is the biggest thing you can take away from this temporary partnership this year that will help you for next year?
JACK SOCK: I mean, I think obviously the experience is second to none. I mean, Mike, along with Bob, have spent a lot of time around both now, they've been through everything I'm sure. The highs, the lows, they've been to every tournament, traveled everywhere, done it all.

Any tips or experience I can take from the tour life in general, pressure situations, they've been up in matches, down in matches, obviously seen it all. Just trying to take away as much as I can, as much as possible.

But probably more than anything, more than anything the day in, day out positivity, energy. They're consummate professionals. Their routines, everything is strict. I can definitely take a lot from that moving forward. It will probably help my career a lot.

Q. I'm writing something for Indian Wells. I want to ask you guys about doubles at Indian Wells. Mike, you've had some big matches there. You and Bob played Wawrinka-Federer. Jack, you won it with John this last year. Tell me about the experience as a player playing at Indian Wells.
MIKE BRYAN: I think that draw is one of the toughest doubles draws in tennis. You got a lot of the top guys that jump in the doubles. We played Federer numerous times at Indian Wells, Nadal. Yeah, it's stacked. I think the fans love it. They come out. Those courts are jammed. You see some of the greatest doubles tennis there.

Yeah, I mean, besides this one, that's kind of like the fifth slam, especially in doubles. I just think the fans really eat it up because they see some of the marquee names out there playing doubles. You see some really enticing matchups with some of the best legends of doubles playing, guys like Jack with their firepower. It's very cool.

JACK SOCK: I've had some success there, so I enjoy playing doubles there. It's just one of those tournaments, I don't think any player on tour can say they don't enjoy Indian Wells. You got golf around, a low-key vibe. They do an amazing job with the event. You can rent a house, you're there for 10 days, singles, doubles, whatever it is. I think overall great event.

Yeah, I mean, I've won a couple titles there, so it's definitely a special place. Playing with John, it was really fun this year, another good friend of mine. But, yeah, I think the fans are incredible, especially playing with another American. John and I have had some insane crowds, I feel like. They always show up and turn out. That's definitely an event I'll always play doubles in.

Q. What would you like to say to your American fans? What is your next plan? Jack, would you give Bob to Mike?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I gift him Bob.

To our American fans was the first part?

MIKE BRYAN: Say hi to the American fans.

JACK SOCK: I know a lot of people at home are watching there. I'm excited to get back home, back to the States. I think this is my ninth week on the road. Pretty homesick right now, pretty America-sick right now, missing everything about the United States. I'm definitely excited to get back. Then I'll start the training and everything. Hi to everyone back home.

Yes, I will happily give Bob right back to Mike. I think anybody in tennis wants to see them playing again together. I filled in as best I could. We had a great run. I'll forever cherish these moments and remember them. It's time to get the two GOATs back together on the doubles court.

MIKE BRYAN: Now we're going into the off-season, we have seven weeks off. We enjoy the first couple weeks, then I'm going to travel a little bit, then get to work. Like everyone, they try to make their gains, try to get their bodies in shape, their tennis games ready for Australia. Once December starts, we start pounding it, right?

JACK SOCK: We do. We do.

Q. We heard Kevin Anderson is worried about the situation in California, wildfires. Are you in contact with your people?
MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, yeah. I mean, a lot of my friends and family are back in California. They've been heavily affected by the fires. My best friend had to evacuate for three days. Fires got really close to his house. Six houses burned down in his neighborhood. A few other friends lost their houses in Malibu. It's a terrible situation.

California wildfires are just as bad as anything, earthquakes, tornadoes, whatever. It's tough to stop them because it's so dry, never rains. Thinking about everyone who was affected by the fires. I'm going to be going back out there to see how it is, but I'm wishing everyone the best.

Q. Mike, you said bye to the crowd in case you're not back. Do you expect to be back? Give us a slight update on Bob's status.
MIKE BRYAN: I'd love to be back. You got to put everything in perspective. There aren't many guys that come out here at 40. I realize you can only get so much out of these bodies. I'm feeling pretty good. You never know.

I think Bob is itching to get back on tour. He was watching us on TV. On Instagram, I saw he was watching us while doing squats. He wants another taste of the competition, the top level of doubles.

If he does, then I'll be his guy. I think we want to go out together. We came into this world together, and we'll definitely end our careers together.

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