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January 24, 2005

Patty Schnyder


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Patty.

Q. You did really well here last year. Obviously, you're doing it again. Is there anything special about this place?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I mean, I like it a lot. I love Australia. Yeah, it just seems to, yeah, suit my game, also the conditions. Yeah, I'm having a great run again. Yeah, I'm really happy about that.

Q. When you say it suits you, are you talking more about the court surface and the conditions, or is it more --

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, it's everything actually here. I think actually this year it's a little slower, I have to say also. But, no, I love the atmosphere, being Australia, the people are so nice. It's relaxing here. The ways to the hotel are not too far. So, yeah, as a player, you really appreciate that. It makes you feel good.

Q. How much difference does it make - you've been on tour 10 years, you know, you go to one airport after another - when you can go to a place and you automatically kind of have a good feeling about where you are? Does it make a big difference when you come out to play?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yes, of course. It's like the whole mood you're in. I mean, it just makes you relax off the court. If you're really happy off the court, on the court, yeah, you can hang in there better and you feel better also. Yeah, it's always like that.

Q. When is the first time you started feeling that way about playing here?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I loved Australia for the first time I came here. I love being here, the people around here. Yeah, I have a great record in the tournament. I had some tough years where I also lost first round here. But, still, I loved it.

Q. You seemed to be having some trouble with the warmer weather today. It's going to get hotter this week. How do you think you'll go with that in the quarterfinals?

PATTY SCHNYDER: I think I was not having trouble. Probably her had more trouble than me. I was okay. Actually, the first set was tough, a lot of rallies, and I was too tight, it goes more into your legs (inaudible), relax. But after that, I was really fine. I have no problem, I love it when it's hot. That's okay.

Q. 4-Love down, take us through what happened in the second set?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Oh, actually I don't know because I was really frustrated with the first set because I think I was more dominating the rallies, but I couldn't really get it and win the important points because I was a little nervous, a little tight. So I was frustrated up to 0-4. Then I just, yeah, kept going, tried to, yeah, play one point at a time. Yeah, suddenly it was close again and, you know, getting nervous again.

Q. Did that injury timeout slow your momentum at all?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Not really because, yeah, I think I had just a great run and I was half out of the tournament already, and I didn't get upset. Just played.

Q. The first set tiebreaker, even though you lost that, her serve seemed to go missing in that tiebreak particularly. She struggled with her serve at times from then on. Did you get the sense once you saw that if you were able to hang in there, you'd get your chances in the match?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I mean, it's a lot of talks about her serve. But she's a great competitor, and I think she served -- really up to the end, she served really good. She had some worse days with her serve. And for a left-hander, what can you do with that second serve? You're way out of the court. I mean, for me it's really tough to handle it. Everybody tells you that, yeah, you can attack it and do something with it. But I really -- I try to, yeah, make her play and just be ready for the rallies. But I was a little disappointed in my serve today. That's the only thing I was not happy about.

Q. What is it with the cheer squad that you had there?

PATTY SCHNYDER: They are like -- they come watch every match. It started like in the second round last year. They come. They have to drive like more than two hours to see my matches. It's a group of Australian and there are some Swiss that joined them. So it's great having them here. I mean, it's a lot of support. They never quit. I never quit. So it's nice to have them.

Q. Where are they from?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Actually, I don't even -- it's like down the Ocean Road. I have no idea really. It's a small country town. I don't know.

Q. Your return to form, obviously last year making the semifinals here, that was sort of the icing on the cake. It was pretty dramatic. How important has Rainer Hofmann been to that? He's your coach, but your husband as well. What exactly is it that he does for you in terms of keeping you on track and providing that stability?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I mean, we do everything together. He has never been a tennis player, so like the feeling stuff, the technique, I do it myself. But he helps me a lot with tactics, and just get another perspective, like out of the court and of my game. We talk a lot about tennis. We're just having a great time. Sometimes we argue, we discuss, that's normal, about tennis or other things. It's a really healthy, healthy thing. Gives me a lot of energy.

Q. Does he have any sporting background?

PATTY SCHNYDER: He was a professional pool, billiard player.

Q. Really?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah (laughter). He was really good at that. He only did it for two years. But I don't know if that helps me or not. But he knows the big points also. So that's a little in common we have.

Q. And your relationship with Rainer, that was well before he became your coach?


Q. How long?

PATTY SCHNYDER: We are together now I think five and a half years. We just started doing the thing, the coaching thing together, like one and a half year ago. I had some coaches before and was not happy, like overall happy with it. I didn't want to have a new one.

Q. How important is that, finding that sort of emotional stability on the tour?

PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I mean, it's so much stress situations you have. If you have someone you can rely on and just, yeah, very caring person that gives you a lot of -- yeah, you just feel good about it. That's very important.

End of FastScripts….

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