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November 18, 2018

Joey Logano

Homestead, Florida

Q. Joey, we talked about second chances all the time. How much of this night was about second chances for you and proving you can do it?
JOEY LOGANO: We did it. We won the championship. I can't believe it. I don't even know what to say. This team, Roger Penske, Todd Gordon, the pit crew, oh, my God. These guys are amazing. Gave me the car I needed in the end to do my job. Put me in position to do my job. I couldn't be more proud of them.
We won the championship, Marty. Oh, my God!

Q. I know you did. You came into the week saying the big three and me. Did you really feel like you were the underdog in this, Joey?
JOEY LOGANO: No. I told you I'm not the underdog. We proved why we're not. This is the favorite, and I told you that before the race started. I'm so proud of everybody. Everyone rose to the occasion, executed under pressure like nobody's business. I can't thank everyone and the support system, Shell, Pennzoil, Wheels Up, SKF, Ford. Not only the drivers championship, but the manufacturers championship. So can't wait to break that Mustang out soon.
But, man, I don't know what to tell you.

Q. When you come to the checkered flag, what are the emotions? What's going through your mind?
JOEY LOGANO: Just a lot of screaming. I think I pulled a muscle. Man, you just ‑‑ I've worked my whole life to get here, to get to the championship. I've been so close. I spent ten seasons fighting for this. I wasn't sure we were going to get it, but, man, Todd made a good adjustment at the end, and it was a no quit attitude. I was going to pass that car no matter what.

Q. I had to ask you about the move into one. How did you make it stick, number one? We thought you maybe overdrove the corner?
JOEY LOGANO: No, my car was really good all day.
That's a big boy Coke right there. Yes.

Q. And your pit crew delivered today too, Joey. We talked for weeks how they're the best on pit road right now.
JOEY LOGANO: They are. They proved it again today. Every one of them. Every individual on that team is the best in their position, and we showed it today. We were ‑‑ at points we were really good, at points we were down for the count. I knew we had a short run car. I said it before the race started. Our car is a short run car. If it's anything longer than 25 laps, we're going to be in trouble, and that really showed today.
It came down to the short run, and we're champions. NASCAR champions.

Q. And forever you will be a NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series champion. Joey Logano, plenty more people to find to get high fives down here, and there's a stage with his name on it too.

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