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November 18, 2018

Lexi Thompson

Naples, Florida

Q. You've been very vocal about your sort of struggles on and off the golf course. To do what you did this week and stand here winning the trophy, how special is it?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's very special. This event in general is very special to me. With how it ended last year, wasn't the way I wanted to. Of course $1 million helped, but I wanted win the event.

Just it's been a long year. Just the up and downs and just the things I've been dealing with, they all kind of hit me this year. To be able to end the year like this and just keep on fighting throughout the whole year has meant the world to me. Just shows anything is possible. You have to fight through whatever you're going through.

Q. We hadn't seen you too much coming into this week. I don't know how you were thinking about your game entering the week. I know you switched putters late. What were your expectations coming into this week?
LEXI THOMPSON: This whole year I haven't been playing too much. I've been taking off certain weeks that I felt like I needed to rest on.

I did make a few changes. Put in the Cobra F9 literally about three days before I came here, and feel very comfortable with it. It helped me out tremendously out on this golf course. I changed to my old putter and just kind of went back it basics. I've been working on my game a lot just hitting my draw out there. Just a matter of consistency and putting it together all four rounds.

Q. You used word comfortable a lot this week. I think one of the things you mentioned that made you more comfortable was having your brother on the bag.
LEXI THOMPSON: That's for sure.

Q. You walked up to the 18th green; the ball was on the green. What was the conversation between you and Curtis like?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, once I hit the green I was like, Curtis, you're walking up to this green with me. You're sharing this moment. Just because it was an amazing week. I was very relaxed. I had not only my brother on the bag, but so many family members out supporting me.

To have him on the back keeping me laughing, he's such a goofball. He's a one-of-a-kind personality and I just love him so much and just how much he helped me out this week. I needed that.

Q. Lastly, you've done a lot of things in your career. Where does this one rank?
LEXI THOMPSON: Definitely high up there. I think just the importance of this event. This event is huge for me because it is such a special event.

Just the importance of it, how I came back just through the long year and struggling a bit, and having this kind of finish just helped me out a lot.

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